Building instructions and ideas for garden and outdoor facilities

Building instructions and ideas for garden and outdoor facilities

Building instructions and ideas for garden and outdoor facilities: outdoor

From garden decoration to lighting: In the following collection, we have compiled blueprints and building instructions for decorations and garden furnishings for you. These include wooden decks, fountains and lamps, postboxes in the American mailbox style, as well as privacy screens for garbage cans or the garden composter.

In this way you beautify your garden and can build your own garden decoration yourself.

We hope you enjoy browsing and building!

Contents: Building instructions for garden and outdoor facilities

  • Do garden decoration and lighting yourself
  • Build mailbox and mailbox yourself
  • Instructions: Screening for garbage bins and composting systems
  • Other garden plans: ideas for making your own

Further building instructions for garden and outdoor facilities:

  • Build a well
  • Build pergola and garden fence yourself
  • Build the bird house yourself - building instructions for bird feeders
  • Construction instructions for carport, parking space and shelter
  • Build composter and compost plant yourself

In addition, our advice pages give tips and support home improvement in their projects with free instructions:

  • Build garden gate
  • Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting

Do garden decoration and lighting yourself

Light up your yard with a candle lantern

Build wooden garden lantern yourself - step-by-step instructions with pictures
at Canadian Home Workshop

LED Patio Lights

Building instructions for wooden LED lights for the garden path
at Canadian Home Workshop

Plans for making an obelisk

Building an obelisk for the garden: A blueprint for beginners with detailed instructions
Free Plans for the Gardener

Decorative 4 'high lighthouse

Build a garden lighthouse with lighting - instructions for a functional replica of Cape Hatteras
at U build

Low-light abacus lamp

Abacus lamp for interesting shadows in the garden - instructions with sketches and material list
at Amateur Woodworker

Build mailbox and mailbox yourself

Letterbox cottage made of wood

Construction manual with photos for a mail-standing mailbox in house shape made of wood
at 3M DIY

Red english mailbox

Make a red English letterbox from a cardboard roll or a can as a money box yourself.
at Activity Village


Australian wooden mailbox with flap and the matching letterbox stand

Mailbox stand

Australian wooden mailbox with flap and the matching letterbox stand

Illuminated letterbox wall

Building instructions for a masonry letterbox with lighting as well as compartment for daily newspaper and statue
at DIY Network

Wooden mailbox with a tilt-out bin

Building instructions: Mailbox made of wood with tilting device for emptying the post
by Ron Hazelton

The First Class Letter Box

Instructions for a small open wooden mailbox for indoors as a storage of important inbox
at hands on

Instructions: Screening for garbage bins and composting systems

Screen for the dustbin

Instructions for a wooden refuse house for the tons or roll containers for yellow sacks.

Build a wooden garbage bin panel

Video tutorial for a wood garbage house and storeroom with doors

Mount for garbage cans

Construction manual for a wooden cover for garbage cans in noble optics
by Ron Hazelton

Garbage house and roll container

Create privacy screens for the bin and the yellow bag yourself
at Baumarkt

Instructions for garbage pits made of wood

Wooden cottage for three garbage cans or more. - Construction drawings and material lists with different side walls
at Baumarkt

Hide your bins in a cell phone trash center

Elegant wooden garbage cover build yourself - illustrated construction manual
at Canadian Homeworkshop

Other garden plans: ideas for making your own

Rollable device holder

Garden helpers build themselves from OSB boards, roof battens and smooth edge boards. - Step-by-step instructions

Build a garden gateway pergola

Build pergolas with side trellises as an open garden gate - Illustrated step-by-step guide to a wooden garden gate pergola
at Canadian Home Workshop

Build garden gate for wooden fence

Simple illustrated step-by-step guide to building a garden gate in a wooden fence

Wooden garden gate [PDF]

Building instructions for wooden garden gate. - Suitable for advanced home improvement.

Build retaining wall with steps and small terrace

How to build a retaining wall with steps and a small stone terrace in the garden - Detailed instructions with photos
at DIY network

Create a water tap in the garden

Illustrated instructions for the construction of a water tapping point for the garden. Laying the water pipes under the lawn.
at Marley

Building instructions for plantable round arch [PDF]

Plantable round wooden arch for the garden build yourself - Instructions with sketches as PDF
at Real Cedar

Zen Rock Garden

Instructions for a miniature rock garden made of cocobolo, with birch mini rake
at Amateur Woodworker

Porch - summer project

Build a small veranda for wooden garden sheds yourself. With posts and foundation
at b-cremer

Adding a Bench Seat to a deck

Wooden bench for a wooden terrace build - with sketches and construction
at Buildeazy

How to make a sliding driveway gate

Build wooden sliding gate yourself - instructions with drawings and video
at Build Eazy

Playground with paddling pool

Step-by-step instructions for a wooden terrace with paddling pool for children
at DIY network

Storage for your herb pots

Instructions on how to dress your herb pots

Brick Patios or Walks in 7 Easy Steps

Garden path and terrace laid out of bricks in 7 steps Instructions for different stone patterns
at Handyman Wire

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