Is a building permit required for the balcony glazing?

As you know, in this country pretty much everything is subject to approval. So should be checked in a subsequent balcony glazing first, whether it may not be a building permit required. In addition, owners of a condominium must also deal with the owner community of the property.

Show usage change

Basically, the conversion of the balcony to the small winter garden as a change in use actually the construction office must be communicated. But that depends primarily on the size of the balcony. Find out from which size in your state a permit is required.


If the building is subject to monument protection, usually nothing is allowed to be changed on the outside facade. Even if it would mean a significant increase in the value of housing and the price of real estate. Here you must first ask the conservation authority for approval.

owners meeting

In a multiple dwelling or in a plant with the same façade pictures, the permission of the owner of the dwelling will also be required for the owner. If some other apartment owners are against it, glazing will not be possible.

As far as possible, you should therefore bring in other owners of condominiums in advance, for example through low-cost offers. Many companies like to convert several balconies and then reduce the price quite clearly. In a residential complex, you should refrain from self-construction anyway, as you are liable for consequential damage caused to neighbors otherwise.

Which permits are required?

  • possibly planning permission
  • Approval owner meeting
  • possibly monument protection

Tips & Tricks

Apart from all permits, you should first check whether the balcony can carry the extra weight at all. The glazing of real glass brings together with the construction but still a lot of weight on the balcony. A structural engineer is the right contact person here.

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