Construction tips: What builders have to consider

Ten important builders tips

Construction tips: What builders have to consider: tips

As a builder you have a lot around the ears. What you do not need are missteps, which are due to a bad preparation.

Who decides to build a home, makes this in life at best only once, if he does not come from the construction industry and that Entities of the industry with all its advantages and pitfalls knows. Anyone who approaches the matter as an absolute layman is well advised with valuable construction tips.

How is it? For example, the financial collateralwho deserve it? Are fixed prices possible and is there a need for a legal contract review?

Ms. Manuela Reibold-Rolinger has been fighting for 18 years as a specialist lawyer for building and architectural law for the rights of private clients. The 47-year-old owner of a law firm is Trained arbitrator according to the Arbitration Rules Construction and gives on valuable and easy to follow construction tips for prospective homeowners.

Builders Tip no. 1: collateral in construction

Did you know that you have one Right to collateral to have? Many contractors know very well that the client has the statutory right to receive from the contractor a security amounting to at least 5% of the gross order amount.

Say, if you build a house for € 300,000, you have the right to claim that before you pay the first installment Entrepreneur presents a security of € 15,000.

You did not know this construction tip? Take a look. It's in the law. § 632a Abs. 3 BGB. It is worth to look, and stay open to negotiations, Entrepreneurs know very well that this claim exists, but it's rarely revealed to builders.

Builders Tip no. 2: Specifications

Construction tips: What builders have to consider: builders

Did you know that more than 80% of all construction contracts are not ready for signature? For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Construction has a brochure with various consumer protection organizations Construction tips for minimum requirements for construction and service descriptions released.

It can be requested online. Be sure to do that to know what you need to fix. General Specifications of the construction companies are usually not sufficient to properly define the performance picture. So, ask for the brochure so you know what you need to agree and think Remember: You are not a petitioner, you are a customer!

Builders Tip no. 3: Payment plan

In many of the contracts we review, the payment plans are ineffective. The builders get in advance, so pay for what has arisen on their property until then, too much.

As a rule of thumb, that one should have paid at most 50% of the construction cost, when the shell finished is, so the house without windows with covered roof. Therefore, in your construction contract, after consultation with an expert, regulate a payment plan that corresponds to the construction status, and pay only if the corresponding construction statuses have been provided free of defects.

Builders Tip no. 4: Fixed price agreement

Every fifth Construction contract does not have sufficient price security And yet it is very important for you as the client that what you agree on as a fixed price also remains a fixed price.

When it comes to supplements, often additional costs of more than € 10,000 are not uncommon. That's why it matters so much, what you do specifically agree, also to define price and a specific fixed price to ask the contractor. Only then can you be sure that your home construction budget can be met.

Builders Tip no. 5: Contracting party

Many builders rely too much on contract signing on their good feeling and the presented glossy brochures. It is very, very important, the Entrepreneur you want to build with, check.

The Handwerkskammer, guilds and also bank information give clarity about the background of the company. You should also look at other owner's reference objects to know who you are dealing with. It is therefore important to check the entrepreneur before the contract is signed.

Builders Tip no. 6: Formal acceptance

The decrease is one legally very important act, That's why she has to contractually regulated as well become as a formal acceptance. With the acceptance, things change for you as the client.

The final installment for the entrepreneur is due, the statute of limitations begins to run, and the burden of proof for existing defects turns around, from the entrepreneur to you as the client. That's why you can get one In no case acceptance without an expert carry out. Make a note of the existing defects in the acceptance report and if you claim contractual penalties or damages caused by delay, you must note this in your log, otherwise you will lose this claim.

Builders Tip no. 7: construction time

Construction tips: What builders have to consider: builders

In almost none of me The construction period is specifically regulated, It is so important for builders to know, for example, when you can cancel your rental apartment.

Therefore agree with the entrepreneur a concrete start of construction, the concrete construction time and the completion date and very important - combine this with a penalty, which occurs when the completion date is not met.

So do that Businessmen realize that it is important to you to keep the construction timeand you know when you can move into your house.

Builders Tip no. 8: Construction-accompanying quality control

Despite well-intentioned construction tips: No private builder is able to determine whether what was contractually agreed, was actually built. The regulations for a technically correct execution are so complex, that the Check of the construction work and also a decrease under no circumstances without an expert perform should.

There is the possibility of one construction-accompanying quality controller, so an expert, a construction-accompanying quality control perform. The on-site quality control ensures the review of the poor construction progress. The expert will inform you whether the work has been performed without defects and only then will the respective building rates be paid.

Accompaniment by an expert is also required for acceptance, since the latter can record the final determination of the construction work for you in the protocol. The money for one On-site quality control is well invested.

Consumer protection associations like the Bauherren Schutzbund e.V., Berlin, the association of private builders or the TÜV offer such on-site quality controls. Let yourself be accompanied by a professional.

Construction tips: What builders have to consider: tips

For more than 20 years I have been working in consumer law and in the Usually it is a bad contractwho is arguing in a lawsuit against the builder.

In order to prevent that a bad construction contract is signed, it is therefore urgently necessary to have a Professional also in legal terms to draw.

This specialist should as far as possible be a specialist lawyer for building and architectural law and be familiar with consumer law. Through a balanced contract will be litigationThis is my experience, prevented.

Client tip no. 10: Soil appraisal

An optimal preparation for the construction of a home is the obtaining of a soil survey before the Entrepreneurs offer created.

The soil report provides information about the Buildability of the land, indicates whether groundwater is to be expected and gives the entrepreneur in the founding recommendation clear specifications for the execution of basement or floor slab.

Do not buy the cat in a poke! Get a groundwater assessment in time so there can be no actual and financial surprises.

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