Building with pallets: Tips for furniture made of pallets

Building with pallets: Tips for furniture made of pallets

Upcycling is in full swing. After all, you can make an individual item and also save a lot of money. The best example of this is furniture made of pallets, which can be obtained cheaply or even for free.

Building with pallets: Tips for furniture made of pallets: building

In the face of dwindling natural resources, upcycling is becoming increasingly important in our disposable society. Upcycling is about getting out become useless, old materials new products to accomplish.

Completely im Sense of sustainability Thanks to the use of existing material, it saves raw materials and energy that would otherwise have been necessary for the new production of the product.

Another advantage of Uypcycling is that you can make your own individual creative pieces that nobody else has. That fits Perfect for the current trend in living, the objectivity and the cool designs passed in recent years. Instead, now cosiness, warmth and individuality are in demand, eg. B. with fancy pallet furniture.

Looks and formats

Pallet furniture fits many furnishing styles, because depending on the state of preservation and further processing, very different effects can be achieved. While older pallets through the Utility and pollution traces rather a rough charm New or new pallets let you recognize all the beauty of natural wood. If you like, you can also stain, varnish or paint the pallets.

There are many pallet formats. Particularly popular for the furniture industry are the so-called Euro pallets and half Euro pallets, since they are more stable than reusable pallets than eggare nond disposable plates and also standardized are. With dimensions of 1200 × 800 × 144 mm (length × width × height) or 600 × 800 × 144 mm (length × width × height) they are very well suited for the construction of simple tables, sofas, beds and much more.

Material and tools

There are many ways to get pallets for furniture making. The simplest and certainly the most expensive variant is the purchase in the pallet trade on site or online. The effort is worthwhile only for Euro pallets. Those who are satisfied with simple one-way pallets can at least sometimes in the industrial area, hardware store or supermarket looking around the corner. If you are lucky, you get the pallets for free or for a small fee.

For the construction of furniture from pallets you need no special tools. If you have a jigsaw, a cordless screwdriver and a hammer, you are already well equipped. Also recommended are a grinder and simple tools such as pincers or chisels. In addition, you need depending on Construction project more woods, furniture rolls, metal angles, screws and nails as well as a coating kit of rollers, brushes and paint.

Furniture made of pallets in the house and garden

From palettes you can build almost everything for the house or the apartment itself. Especially popular are beds, tables, sofas and shelves. A very simple variant for one For example, a coffee table is a Euro pallet with a glass top and four big furniture rolls. Pallet furniture also finds its place in the garden or on the terrace. Particularly decorative and space-saving are vertical garden beds, which consist of a Euro pallet and a piece of weed fleece.

Further suggestions and building instructions for pallet furniture - for beginners to advanced users - are also available on the theme page Building furniture from pallets.

Range furniture construction manuals

Building with pallets: Tips for furniture made of pallets: tips

Furniture made of pallets is modern: Anyone who supplies old wood pallets to a new purpose or "upcycled" does not only do something good for the environment, but also builds a hip, individual piece of furniture for home and garden. Particularly popular are beds, armchairs and sofas made of europallets. Outside in the garden, too, old pallets are welcome as garden furniture, lounge furniture or planting aids.

You can get pallets easily for free or for little money, which makes this DIY furniture very cheap.

Here we have put together the best free manuals for pallet furniture on the internet.

Uncooked pallets

When returnable pallet is the EUR-pallet (or short euro pallet) but often pretreated with wood preservatives and is therefore better for outdoor furniture. The advantages of Euro pallets are the standardized dimensions. Therefore you can stack and combine Euro pallets similar to building blocks.

Untreated disposable pallets offer themselves because of the lower pollution for furniture in the living area. However, disposable pallets often have no standardized standard dimensions, so you have to set the furniture dimensions individually.

Introduction to furniture making from pallets

Furniture made of pallets: material procurement

Hints and tips on where to get pallets to build pallet furniture.
with pallet bed and pallet furniture

Furniture made of pallets: preparatory work

Tips and tricks for treating and preparing pallets for furniture making.
with pallet bed and pallet furniture

Furniture made of pallets: necessary tools

Notes on the tools that should be available when building pallet furniture. Very helpful.
with pallet bed and pallet furniture

Build furniture from old Euro pallets (Video, MDR)

This video from the program "einfach genial" gives some suggestions for a bench, a table and a chest of drawers from old Euro pallets
on YouTube

Disassemble pallet for pallet furniture

An illustrative video tutorial on how to disassemble pallets for furniture making.
at YouTube

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