Building insurance benefits

If you want to take out homeowners insurance for your property, most insurance companies are overwhelmed with a flood of information. The possibilities of combining different rates are often limitless. But what services really decide? What should you look for when you take out a homeowners insurance and which areas of performance can you do without?

The basic services

One of the basic services of a homeowners insurance is to protect the house against the following dangers:

  • Fire
  • tap water
  • Storm and hail

In many insurance policies, especially in the old contracts of the so-called "monopoly insurers" only these risks are insured. Insurance experts, however, agree that this protection is essentially insufficient. Depending on the region, it is e.g. very important to also insure the "other natural hazards" in the basic services. These are e.g. Floods, backwater, earthquakes, avalanches, snow pressure, backwater and volcanic eruption.

The optional services

In addition to the basic services, there are some optional services that can also be integrated into homeowners insurance:

Gross negligence caused damage are very often not included in the standard. However, in order to avoid any discussion about possible complicity with your insurer in the event of a claim, you should generally insure these loss events.

Clean-up, demolition, movement and protection costs are also very important, but after a loss event, if necessary, debris and debris must be disposed of and, if necessary, the ruins of the house guarded. All these things are unfortunately too often not included in standard contracts.

If you are at the point of damage on holiday, you will be very happy if you get the return trip costs from the holiday replaced. Many companies offer here the protection of up to 5000, - € per claim.

Damage to garbage cans, fences, terrace fortifications, sheds and the like are often only insured if other parts of the property have been explicitly insured. But also frost and other breakage damage to water supply and heating pipes and the removal of fallen trees are quite important points.
A cheap insurance, which offers maximum protection, can be found most easily with an online homeowner insurance tariff check.

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