Built-in freezer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for built-in freezer comparison or test 2018

  • Built-in freezers are concealed by a panel on the door, so you inconspicuous and fit into the overall picture of your kitchen.
  • You will not find a built-in freezer that has a B energy efficiency rating. Power eaters are now prohibited.
  • The freezers of the built-in freezers are available in different sizes. Choose large drawers for voluminous foods such as roasts and pies and flat storage options for herbs and frozen pizza.

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: freezer

It may not seem possible, but in 2016 it was The most commonly used frozen product in Germany per month is actually the vegetables in Germany, 62.5% of respondents said they were more likely to get healthy food out of the freezer than, say, unprocessed meat (34.2%). But that does not say anything about the actual popularity of the food. The pizza lands on # 2 of the most used frozen foods per month. 42.7% of respondents said so. (Source: Consumption and Media Analysis VumA)

In our built-in freezer comparison 2018 we present you the customizable cooling unitswhich make a good picture in your kitchen by a front in the decor of your cabinets.

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1. Cool elegance: built-in freezers can be hidden in the kitchenette

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: comparison

Preserved summer: Thanks to the freezer, you can enjoy your berries even in winter.

Whether as a mobile freezer, refrigerator with freezer or small freezer in the bedroom for the midnight snack: freezers make it much easier to store food of all kinds.

However, if you have a fitted kitchen, you will not fail to come to terms with built-in appliances. Freezers that are suitable for this are fortunately no rarity. You can buy them separately to the built-in refrigerator, which can be combined with the freezer. For a fridge-freezer, however, you have both cooling components, which should not be missing in any household, together.

Most of the built-in freezer is installed in a special kitchen cabinet. A matching front for the built-in freezer must be purchased separately. the Built-in freezer are often only the hinges for attaching the front panel to the base cabinet at, The built-in freezer looks through a front in the design of your kitchen decor like an ordinary cabinet.

Our tip: The best installation of a built-in freezer is under the fridge. Some modern appliances have built-in freezers above the refrigerator. But you would always have to bend over to the bottom to get to the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

2. Which freezer types are still available?

2.1. Freestanding freezer

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: built-in

Not uncommon for freestanding freezers: ice cube maker. For built-in freezers, look for it a little longer afterwards.

Seldom is there so much room in kitchens that, in addition to the fridge and stove, another large electric appliance can find a place. But in cellars and garages, you sometimes come across freestanding freezers.

You can do that move freestanding freezer comfortably And even if you no longer like the design of your kitchen, you do not have to worry about where to get a matching front panel with this unit.

It should really find all your frozen food in it. The standing freezers impress with their large selection of possible freezer drawer variations. So you can indulge your favorite order system.

We have the same for you again Advantages and disadvantages in contrast to the built-in freezer summarized:

  • Position in the room can be chosen freely
  • on average more capacity
  • Mixture of large and small freezers
  • expensive
  • raumeinnehmend

2.2. Chest freezers

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: comparison

Think of a good packing technique to keep your frozen food from being squeezed.

Not only from ice cream parlors and childhood memories they are known: ice rests. The category of pragmatic refrigerated boxes often spare their users the fight with frozen trays. The hinged lid makes it possible. You fill the freezer comfortably from above.

Freezers are also, measured by their enormous capacity, Energy efficient and good value for money.

You do not know yet if you need an optional freezer? After all, the freezer takes up much space compared to other refrigerators. For one to three-person households usually a built-in freezer is sufficient.

We have an overview for you Advantages and disadvantages of the freezer listed:

  • very large capacity
  • even large foods can be stowed comfortably
  • comfortable defrost possible
  • additional space to open the lid is required
  • Frozen foods can be crushed by storage

3. Purchase criteria for built-in freezers: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The energy efficiency

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: 2018

Overcome your bastard: A high energy efficiency class will save you money.

As with so many things in life, proportionality also counts with built-in freezers. Thus, the energy efficiency class of the built-in freezer is calculated according to the Power consumption measured by volume, So capacity of the freezer.

So it may well be that a built-in freezer with low power consumption (in absolute terms) consumes disproportionately much energy in relation to its capacity.

Imagine comparing two freezers and having an annual energy consumption of 150 kilowatt hours and 165 kilowatt hours. They would opt for the product with the lower energy consumption. However, if the example device with the lower energy consumption also has a capacity of 30 liters, it has a lower energy efficiency compared to the other device.

In our purchase advice, we therefore recommend that you pay attention to the award of the energy efficiency class on the energy label of the large electric appliance. On Built-in freezer with energy efficiency rating A +++ is worth buying the most.

In the long term you will save more money with an energy-efficient built-in freezer, advises the Federal Environmental Agency.

3.2. The capacity

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: 2018

Your built-in refrigerator will probably not have as much capacity as this series of freezers.

Between 70 and 100 liters is the average capacity of built-in freezers. Built-in freezers with 2 compartments average around 50 liters capacity.

The available net capacity of the built-in freezers depends primarily on the height of the freezers. Just like other major kitchen appliances such as stoves are Built-in freezers mostly equal in width. This standardization helps you, even with a change of an electrical appliance in a fitted kitchen does not have to move all the cabinets of the kitchen, but simply fill the resulting gap with your best built-in freezer.

The maximum number of compartments in the freezer may vary. Usually 2 to 4 compartments per freezer. Would you like a differentiated storage of your frozen food, a freezer with 4 drawers is good for you, If you want to freeze voluminous foods such as roasts, pay attention to large freezer drawers.

3.3. The volume

Who does not know it? The sudden drone in the kitchen that reminds you of the presence of the refrigerator? The onset of amazement is based on two causes:

  • Built-in freezers are particularly quiet nowadays. Between 35 and 45 decibels, the noise level is adjusted. This roughly corresponds to the perceptible volume during ongoing library operation.
  • The cooling of a built-in freezer takes place, as with other refrigerators such as refrigerators, via a cooling liquid. For the process of cooling the temperature, a compressor is essential. You will hear this as soon as it increases the pressure on the coolant.

3.4. The temperature alarm

Who does not know the evil? Still quickly brought the vegetables from the fridge while cooking and again with the thoughts of the hot pan. Unfortunately, one quickly forgets to close the door of the fridge completely. In ajar condition, the doors of built-in refrigerators are kept closed quickly.

The result of an accidentally opened door: increased energy consumption and the rise in temperature in the refrigerator.

Our tip: When buying a built-in refrigerator, pay attention to a built-in temperature alarm. If, for example, a defect causes it to become unusually warm in the refrigerator, acoustic and / or optical alarm signals are emitted.

4. Experience with built-in freezers: That says the Stiftung Warentest

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: comparison

In tests at the front: built-in freezers from Liebherr.

An independent built-in freezer test has not yet been carried out by the testing institute. Nonetheless, periodically updated test reports include models intended for installation.

For example, the small one is convincing Miele FN 30402 i built-in freezer (test issue 08/2016) by his very good temperature stability and freezing performance. The rapid warm-up after a malfunction, caused for example by a power failure, leads to deductions in the otherwise positive assessment of the freezer. The overall test result is "GOOD (2.0)", But another look at the test of built-in freezers reveals: test winner is the model from the house Miele but not. The slightly cheaper on average Built-in freezer Liebherr (model IGN 1654-20) has received the same rating.

5. Questions and answers about built-in freezers

5.1. Defrost Girl! How do I effectively free a freezer from ice sheets?

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: built-in

This edge icing is too much of a good thing.

It is often postponed: Nevertheless, the best should be Built-in freezer to be defrosted twice a year, Thick layers of ice on the walls of the freezer do not lead to an increased cooling effect, but rather to the opposite. The freezer capacity of the freezer is thereby minimized.

When defrosting, just pay attention to the following points and enjoy the better performance of your built-in freezer:

  • Empty the freezer: Keep in mind that you can not leave your frozen food in the freezer when you defrost your freezer. In cold weather, you can store the food on the balcony or you can access a cooler. If both are not available: good appetite.
  • Disconnect power supply: If you have the opportunity, it is best to unplug the device. Optionally, set the temperature control of the freezer to the lowest level possible.
  • solve coarse ice layers: If you can not wait or want all the ice to melt, put a bowl of hot water in the freezer. The water vapor quickly melts the ice sheets. Do not knock the ice off under any circumstances! The sensitive refrigerator could be so damaged that your freezer involuntarily gets a no-frost function.
  • Remove condensation water: With heavy icing it is worthwhile to catch the defrosted water with a bowl. Otherwise, lay out the area around the built-in freezer and the appliance itself with towels.
  • clean: Take the chance and clean the freezer with a mild household cleaner and warm water.

Built-in freezer comparison 2018: freezer

5.2. How long will my food last in the freezer?

Note: too Frozen foods can not last indefinitely, You will get a brief overview of the shelf life of frozen food in our built-in freezer comparison.

foodsShelf life in months
duck4 - 6
fish2 - 4
beef10 - 12

5.3. What should I pay attention to when installing the freezer front?

Dragging ahead

Two mounting options have prevailed in the attachment of the front. For a built-in freezer with a tow door, both the freezer front and the freezer door have separate hinges. These are connected by slide rails so that they always move in parallel. The fixed door technology is characterized by a common hinge, which share the door and front panel.

Make one thing clear: You need a front that also acts as a door and not just a cover plateas is the case with a built-in dishwasher, for example.

The size of the built-in freezer fronts is usually standardized. This makes it easier for you to find a suitable decor. Note, however, which recesses the front panel has for the use of the freezer hinges.

You can also mill out the instructions for the furniture fittings retrospectively. A changeable door stop of the built-in freezer helps you to change the opening direction of the door.

We recommend that you look for the right front to your freezer, if you know that you want to buy a built-in freezer.

5.4. Are there any particularly good brands for built-in freezers?

Whether it's your premise, yours Built-in freezer to buy particularly cheap or a branded product from Bosch, Miele or Liebherr, where the customer service is usually better developed: You will not come across the following manufacturers in search of your personal built-in freezer comparison winner:

  • AEG
  • Amica
  • Bauknecht
  • Beko
  • Bomann
  • Bosch
  • Constructa
  • Electrolux
  • Exquisite
  • Gorenje
  • Hanseatic
  • Liebherr
  • Luxor
  • Neff
  • Severin
  • Siemens

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