Fitted kitchen from Poland - is it worth it?

In our neighboring country Poland, much cheaper can be produced than in Germany. This has resulted in much of what is available at a cheaper price from Poland today - from windows to wood-burning stoves. Whether the purchase of a fitted kitchen from Poland is actually worthwhile, this article sheds light on.

Price advantage for Polish products

It is often suspected that the price advantage of products from Poland is mainly due to poor quality and sloppy processing. In some cases, this may be the case, but the reasons why much is cheaper from Poland are, in the main, different:

  • lower labor costs in the country
  • more favorable company situation
  • special calculation for export products

It is almost always produced in accordance with current European standards, often in accordance with German standards and standards, as Germany is an important market for the products.

Product quality and price advantages

Kitchens are often planned by many Polish companies, who mainly produce for the German market "according to customer requirements". A comparison of prices in general is therefore often difficult, since often a very individual equipment is possible - unlike in the established furniture trade in Germany.

However, the quality of the products is consistently at the usual European level and is often described as "good". Cheap goods in this case are by no means.

Ikea in Poland

If you would like to buy from Ikea, and live near the Polish border, you should also take a look at the prices at Ikea in Poland. In many cases, the same products are noticeably cheaper there. This can be worthwhile especially when buying a kitchen.

Tips & Tricks

Simply let one or two Polish companies make a comparison offer by using a kitchen from a German furniture store as a guideline. So you can find out if a purchase in Poland is worthwhile in your case.

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