Plant light bulb - that's how it works

A mini-terrarium in an old light bulb is a real eye-catcher - and does not cost much time and labor to put it on. How to do that, and what to look for, read extensively in our article.

Suitable plants for the terrarium

Of course, inside a light bulb you can not grow all kinds of plants. Suitable for filling:

  • forest floor
  • Moose
  • small stones
  • fine clay granules

On plants you can also use anything that is suitable in size (which are admittedly not many plant species, except for mosses) and what tolerates high humidity. Some types of succulents, such as those used for extensive green roofs, could also be suitable.

Make sure that you do not pack too many plants into it - all plants grow and often after a short time a rather unclear, not at all decorative looking jungle is created. So stick back with the plant quantity so best.

Terrarium atmosphere

It works best if you close the bulb tightly afterwards. Moose store the moisture and create a water cycle inside the light bulb that does not require care or watering.

The closure (for example, with a suitably cut cork) but should be as completely as possible.

Terrarium in the light bulb - step by step

  • old lightbulb
  • cork
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
  • nose pliers
  • Tweezers (possibly)

1. Open the bulb

You do not need to separate pedestal and piston from each other. Simply click on the contact at the lower end of the base with the combination pliers. Then you can easily push out the base bottom with the help of the screwdriver.

2. Empty the bulb

Using the needle-nose pliers, you can completely remove the inside of the bulb. Sharp edge, which may still project inward, remove as carefully as possible.

3. Planting

First, fill in a small layer of sand and put some forest soil on top. Put larger moss to the rear, flatter moss pieces forward, so that a balanced look is maintained. Decorate with pebbles. Gently squeeze everything with needle-nose pliers and possibly tweezers.

Pour a few drops of water on the moss and seal the bulb tightly. Now you can attach it to the stand.

Tips & Tricks

You can either use a beautifully shaped stone as a stand on which you can stick the light bulb, or you can use a wire hanger to form a frame into which you then hang the light bulb. Your ideas have no limits here.

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