Bouquet Bouquet and put together yourself

Bind flowers like the pros

Bouquet Bouquet and put together yourself: together

A bouquet bound by the florist always looks first-class and makes a real difference.

Unfortunately, flower sellers also pay well for this art, as making an ostrich takes a lot of time.

An alternative to the expensive bouquets therefore offers the opportunity to buy the flowers cheap as loose bundware and put them together to a bouquet.

The following instructions show tips and tricks on how to tie a bouquet of flowers.

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Instructions: Bouquet yourself bind

Tie a bridal bouquet by hand

Hand-tied bouquet with any flowers

lavender bouquet

Simple instructions for binding a fragrant bouquet of lavender in cones
at Bastel you

autumn bouquet

from fat hen, chrysanthemum, cabbage, rosehip, physalis, leaves and filling material
at Nataschas Kreativwelt

Video tutorial by FloraPrima

Professional bound ostrich; with valuable tips on binding technology
at VIDEO::

Bouquet Bouquet - That's how it works

General instructions and explanations for tying flowers
at Binding

Tie bouquet

Do it yourself in four steps
at Expli

Dry and bind flowers

Dried flowers as natural decorative elements and as wreaths or table arrangements

Roses for Valentine's Day

In a few steps, make a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day cheap

Written instructions

in three paragraphs - to learn quickly

Tie wedding bouquet

Video tutorial for binding a wedding bouquet
at YouTube

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