Build bungalow yourself

Build your own bungalow - what options are there?

Build bungalow yourself: yourself

  • Solid construction conventional
  • Extension house (prefabricated house)
  • different kits
  • Modules for DIY

Why should you build a bungalow yourself? When it comes to retirement planning, the pillar of home ownership is still very popular. This is confirmed by constantly increasing rents. So many people strive to have to pay no more rent in old age. However, the prices for a plot of land and a house building are difficult to fix without enslaving for the mortgages.

There is another aspect to this: If you really want to live rent-free in your own home in your old age, you can not ignore the issue of accessibility. Especially stairs are not only difficult to handle in old age, but also dangerous, which concerns possible falls. So what could be more natural than thinking of a bungalow when planning a home?

In this consideration, the need for square meters of living space and the land area play an important role, as a bungalow occupies more floor space than a two- or multi-storey house. In areas with high land prices and narrow building windows, this can be an important criterion when building a bungalow yourself.

Build bungalow yourself: bungalow

There are numerous rules to follow.

Opting for a bungalow has the enormous advantage in the end, too, that high-altitude work and elaborate scaffolding are not required. This reduces the costs and the risk equally.

Limits of home-building

When building a house, numerous regulations and laws must be observed. Therefore, the self-construction is possible only within limits.

In cooperation with an architect, for example, who takes care of the consideration of all regulations in planning, takes the statics into account and submits the building application.

Different systems can be used to implement a self-built bungalow. It can be a massive house, a prefabricated house as a development house, a kit house or be built from completely different modules.

Some particularly talented craftsmen certainly have the opportunity without such modular models or kits u. to build a house in a conventional way or to build a wooden house yourself.


In order to proceed favorably with the house construction or the bungalow, many prefabricated house manufacturers offer so-called expansion houses. Since the expansion is a significant proportion of the total costs, can save a lot here. However, certain services (eg electrics, drinking water and others) are nevertheless bound to acceptance by a specialist company.

Build bungalow yourself: bungalow

All work in the house will be made at the house itself.

However, if you compare simplified: build a bungalow, price turnkey with the price of a bungalow as a development house, which is quickly completely wrong. All materials for the expansion must be included in this calculation, as well as the acceptance costs by specialized companies and possibly still necessary expenditures for third-party services in an initial overconfidence.

By comparison, if you have the interior work carried out by specialist firms, you have to expect between € 400 and € 600 per square meter (gross floor area) at a normal standard.

Attention: Financing often involves own work as a substitute for equity. But more than 10% in-house services can rarely be compared to the banks readily represent. Particularly plausible are, for example: painting, floor laying and outdoor facilities (terrace, fence, paths, etc.). You should be prepared for this with your considerations.

Individually predictable own contribution

Build bungalow yourself: build

Who can wall well, which will probably build more massive.

Some providers are also open to individual own contribution shares according to the ability and fortune of the clients. For example, those who find themselves overwhelmed with installations can, under certain circumstances, drive better with a tailor-made share of their own contribution than with a development house.

For example, those who can use their experience in walls, drywall or similar trades may be better off than heating, water and electrical installations.

Even with a house planned by the architect, individual abilities or possibilities (eg many helpers) can be better taken into account. However, in this case about 10% of the construction costs for the architect services have to be planned.

Build bungalow yourself: yourself

Some house is available as a complete kit including support.


Kits are available from different manufacturers in different designs. Examples are kits in Y-tong, made of wood, polystyrene (as insulation and formwork at the same time) or different modules, such as pop-up houses offered in France or various wooden house or log cabins as a kit in Canadian or Scandinavian style.

Often the offers are adaptable to your own possibilities. Building owner training and support by polishers or on-site training supervisors usually complement the selectable range of services. So there is a kind of "bungalow self build instructions" from the manufacturer.

modular systems

In a modular system, the available components are used according to the individual planning of an architect. The building blocks may be, for example, wood building blocks (eg brikawood) or precast structural elements (eg SI Modular from Münster), which constructively provide for DIY construction.

In principle, this also applies to the pop-up houses from France, but they still lack the approval in this country for a DIY, otherwise they would be around 700 euros per square meter very cheap and fast to build.

Build a bungalow yourself - costs

Build bungalow yourself: yourself

The dream of the house also has its own price as a home construction.

If you want to build a simple, small bungalow yourself, of course, has other costs than a large bungalow with exclusive luxury amenities. A home builder can build depending on the system and local prices from 500 euros per square meter - upwards, as always, no limits to set, that depends on the selection of materials, land prices, etc.

The common question: "Can I build a bungalow myself under 100,000 euros?" So can be answered with "yes, but...". Compare the construction of a bungalow first, the cost per square meter in the different systems.

Do not forget to consider the double burden during the construction period, both the financial (rent and mortgage) and the workload. In a self-build many need a whole year to get the house almost ready for occupancy. More than 20 hours in addition to a full-time job is difficult to manage in the long term.

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Author: Christiane Baldwin - Online Editor and Handyman

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