Bungalow new construction

After the reawakened interest in a bungalow as a residence, the selection of manufacturers has grown considerably. A new building with a flat or pitched roof is available in square, rectangular and angular shapes. Compared to other types of houses a bungalow new construction is favorable.

Construction costs well calculable

The comparatively simple static structure of a bungalow makes the architectural effort manageable. Most bungalows have a free-standing roof, which limits the division of interior walls. Many bungalow models can be put together in a modular technique reminiscent of prefabricated house construction. However, prefabricated house versions are no longer recognizable in modern buildings. Alternatively, many bungalows are new construction in massive construction in the market.

The construction costs for a bungalow new building without cellar is very manageable. In addition to a base plate, only the house price is to be considered, which is usually indicated as a turnkey flat rate. Uncertainties such as construction errors, measuring errors, insulation defects or unsuitable building material exclude the purchase of a finished new construction of the bungalow.

Bungalow new construction: bungalow

Construction services for a bungalow

The cost of a bungalow new building can be very accurately outlined. Many manufacturers offer bungalows in massive construction for prices between 100 and 200,000 euros. This includes all the construction and equipment that make the bungalow ready.

  • Foundation and base plate including the necessary earthworks
  • building drainage
  • Walls and ceilings outside and inside including plaster
  • Roof construction and roofing
  • Windows, window sills, exterior and interior doors
  • Screed, tiles or other floor coverings according to equipment
  • Standard heating system (for a surcharge higher-quality heating system
  • Complete water, sanitary and electrical installation

As with new buildings of all types of houses also come with a bungalow, the construction costs added to the purchase price. Official fees and costs such as land register fee, notary fees, static reports and development applications must be calculated separately.

Bungalow versions

In addition to the classic building forms, the construction of a bungalow can today also be carried out in futuristic designs or with Mediterranean-style atriums. Exciting architectures, which also incorporate bay windows and a tower into the design, give bungalows the character of a villa or finca.

Tips & Tricks

If you only want to use the idea of ​​the bungalow new construction but want to build it by another company or with your own contribution, most companies offer detailed project documents for sale.

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