To top up a bungalow: what are the costs?

Sometimes the space is simply not enough and a second floor for the bungalow has to be made. However, it is not enough to just build up another floor to top it up: read about the prices from which the costs for the topping up are based.

Cost factors for the increase of a bungalow

  • Recalculation of the statics by structural engineers: How sustainable is the construction?
  • Construction drawings by engineer / architect
  • Official building permit
  • Cost of construction material, even for the fireplace
  • Cost of cables and cables
  • Thermal insulation on walls and roof
  • Wages for craftsmen (masons, electricians, plumbers, painters)
  • Fee for scaffolding
  • Construction conveyor rental fee
  • Container for rubble

Not every bungalow is so easy to top up: some buildings are not sustainable enough, others are located in a residential area where no multi-storey buildings are allowed.

Also, adding a bungalow, as you can guess from the list above, is anything but cost-effective. Check if a demolition and new construction may not be better for you.

To top up a bungalow: what are the costs?: bungalow

In order to have real comparative values, the commissioning of an architect is recommended. Only such a specialist can give you information about whether your project is really worthwhile.

Aufstocken a bungalow in the price example

A homeowner would like to start a family and soon needs more space in his own home: The flat roof bungalow with 90 sqm floor area is to receive an increase.

Cost overviewprice
1. Prizes for structural engineer and architect3,500 EUR
2. official building permit500 EUR
3. entire material costs85,000 euros
4. total labor costs72,000 euros
5. other costs15,000 euros
total176,000 euros

Timber frame construction is easier

If your bungalow does not have sufficient load capacity for a masonry extension, then you may be able to use the lighter wooden frame construction. The combination of stone and wood can also be very attractive when it is visible to the outside.

Tips & Tricks

When planning the construction, remember to carefully check the energetic condition of the existing building. Is a new insulation required?

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