Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: burglary

Doors are often the first port of call for burglars to enter a house. Because With the right tools they have little to oppose the perpetrators. The lock is pulled out quickly, the simple door fitting is badly damaged or the entire door is pried open.

Especially Rear, terrace and cellar doors are usually difficult to see from the outside and shield the burglars from attentive eyes.

Protection offers different Safety techniques that are standard in new buildings and can be retrofitted to older doors. Therefore, we inform you about the current security technology with which homeowners increase burglary protection, and give an overview of the resistance classes for burglar-resistant doors as well as accessories.

Burglary protection and fire detection technology from EiMSIG


The company EiMSIG is a medium-sized, family-run company based in Gudensberg in the north of Hesse near Kassel. EiMSIG offers a wide range of modern Burglary protection and fire detection technology with many comfortable elements. Some of the products have an individual recognition from the independent institution VdS (Confidence through Safety).

In addition to the company headquarters, EiMSIG has a nationwide sales network with its own sales representatives. As a reliable and strong partner, the company EiMSIG always stands by its customers with help and advice - personally or by remote maintenance. The EiMSIG website also provides existing customers with customer support. Every customer will detailed and individual advice - with a special attention to the personal wishes and weaknesses of the property.

Window Security

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: doors

Safety even with tilted windows

Most burglars enter the building through the window. A standard window pry open in just a few minutes and you are immediately in the building. That is why the burglary protection of the company EiMSIG also applies exactly here. Patented window sensors are placed in the frame of windows and doors, where they learn the window conditions open, closed and tilted. By radio, they communicate with the heart of the plant, the head office. If there is an attempt to unlock, the sensors send this to the control center - the intruder alarm is triggered. The big advantage: The system can also be focused when the windows are tilted and not only when the windows are closed. By eliminating motion detectors, users can move freely around the house even when the system is activated, without having to worry about triggering the alarm.

Glass break detectors

Many users fear that the burglar will enter the building through a broken window. Usually the burglar prefers unobtrusively pry up the windowto avoid noise and prevent discovery. However, if there are long glass fronts or a winter garden in your own property, it is advisable to attach a glass breakage detector. It is placed opposite the glass front to be protected and, when the system is activated, triggers when glass splinters.

Burglar alarm technology: The EiMSIG alarm systems

The company EiMSIG offers its customers two different alarm systems models: The EiMSIG home display and its further development, the EiMSIG smarthome. Both alarm systems protect the outer skin of the property by means of built-in wireless sensors in the frame of windows and doors. An intrusion attempt, the sensors immediately report to the control panel, the burglar alarm is triggered. The EiMSIG home display is the slightly cheaper version, the entry-level model. The smarthome has other convenient features that make life easier for the user.

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: protection

EiMSIG smart home and alarm system
  • The EiMSIG house display is again VdS certified and available in different colors. The LED center of the EiMSIG home display shows the user at a glance the status of all windows and doors in traffic light colors: closed (green), tilted (yellow) and open (red). Using a wheel, the user can easily move through the menu and add and name windows. If a window is thrown open when the system is activated, the loud external siren immediately goes on. At the same time, the control panel notifies the telephone numbers stored consecutively by the user. The shutters go down in case of burglary, the light in the house goes on.
  • The EiMSIG smarthome is the further development of the home screen and differs above all in terms of usability and a greater degree of comfort of his little brother. The EiMSIG smarthome can be operated via a modern touch display, which is available in black or white. In the smarthome, the user can see at a glance which windows are open, tilted or closed. The affected sensor immediately reports a break-in attempt to the control center. The alarm is triggered, the shutters go down and block the way for the intruder. The head office notifies the numbers deposited by the user. The smarthome can be easily and securely controlled by app.

Fire detection technology

you are Duty in almost every state and save lives: Smoke detector. That's why they should not be missing in a home insurance, of course. They should hang in any room and can be easily integrated into the EiMSIG alarm systems. The smoke can be seen by users or incoming rescue workers with a look at the display. If the smoke detector reports fire, an alarm is automatically triggered. The system responds the same way as in a burglary case and also calls the stored numbers. In this case, the roller shutters automatically move upwards, giving the occupants the escape route.

water sensors

In addition to fire detectors is too the installation of water sensors possible, for example, be installed under the sink or in the basement, if there are problems with rising groundwater level in the inhabited area, the water increases, the registered water sensor and transmits this information to the control center. This can inform the user by telephone or, for example, trigger a silent, internal alarm.

Roller shutter and light control

The EiMSIG alarm systems allow the user a comfortable and comfortable home control. Lights and shutters can be easily planned and controlled from home or on the road. With a view of the head office, the user sees the settings and states of lights and shutters throughout the house. If you go on holiday, all the ingredients can be timed so that the house always looks busy. This is already deterrent to burglars.

save energy

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: house

Combination of sensors and safety technology

The house control not only allows the user to regulate shutters and light according to their own wishes, but also helps him save energy too. Through the individual lighting control, he decides which lights should be switched on when. The shutters only go down in sunlight when the room has reached a certain temperature. All components can be accessed and regulated via the app on the go. The heating thermostats are also in contact with the control center via radio. Intelligent energy-saving functions save the user money. For example, the thermostat is lowered automatically during airing. If the user goes on vacation and has forgotten to turn off lights or heaters, that's no problem. Via app, he dials the appropriate devices and turns them off. The radio-controlled sockets switch off as soon as the resident leaves the house and focuses on it. So he can easily save costs in the absence.

Easy retrofitting without drilling

Many users are afraid of buying an alarm system, because they fear an annoying retrofitting with a lot of dirt. This is unnecessary with the EiMSIG alarm systems - because they work wirelessly and wirelessly. The window sensors can be mounted in the window and door frames with a standard cordless screwdriver and from this point on they are in radio contact with the control center. Annoying cable laying and tearing of the walls is thus completely eliminated. The system can easily be retrofitted and expanded at any time and is tailored to the needs of the user and the property. In the new building, a timely electrical planning is recommended, as it can take into account energy-efficient solutions for the future and save a lot of money.

Call forwarding

The alarm systems EiMSIG home display and EiMSIG smarthome have one Call forwarding in case of alarm. If a burglar attempts to pry open the window, the sensors immediately report this to the control center. This in turn notifies the number deposited by the user. This can be your own or, for example, relatives. It is also possible to have the system hooked up to a professional watch and closure service, which can take further action in the event of an alert. The company EiMSIG and its distribution partners cooperate nationwide with renowned waxing and locking services.

High quality and contemporary design Made in Germany

Both alarm systems are convincing due to their 100% reliable functioning and, moreover, fit in nicely with their surroundings. you are Intuitive for the whole family. All components are manufactured and assembled in Germany. Well-trained service employees professionally integrate the equipment into the real estate and are always there for the customers. False alarms and malfunctions can be excluded.

App control for iOS and Android

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: protection

Everything always at a glance via the app

The EiMSIG smarthome can be controlled both via the control center and via app via smartphone or tablet. In the start menu of the iOS app, the user sees whether the system is activated in the house or office. With the app you can even keep track of several buildings where you have installed the smarthome. The user can see the individual states of windows or doors - in the traffic light colors green for closed, yellow for tilted and red for open. He can make the system sharp and out of focus by app. From the holidays, users can control and control everything and switch to the house via a camera. The app can be used in different modes: The user can use them in reading mode and thus keep an eye on the house. The app is also controlled by full access. This requires an internet connection. However, the transmission of data is SSL / TLS encrypted and thus has a high security standard.

data security

The EiMSIG alarm systems operate autonomously over its own, encrypted radio network. There is no server in between which stores sensitive user data. The system is quite classic even without Internet or Wi-Fi use. If the user wants to use the system (in case of using the smarthome) via app via smartphone or tablet, he uses a secure SSL / TLS connection.

funding opportunities

The EiMSIG home display has already been repeatedly honored by the independent institution VdS (Trust through Safety). It pays to ask the household insurers: Many give a discount on the insurance, if VdS-certified burglar resistance technology is installed in the property. Also a promotion of the EiMSIG alarm systems by the KfW is possible: In the framework of the funding area six (security, orientation and communication) one can apply for a grant.

Working principle of door locks

If you want to secure your door, you should first know how a door lock works: A conventional key lock usually works with a lock cylinder in which several locking pins are arranged in a specific coding (Fig. No. 1).
Now, when the right key is inserted, the pips contained in the key press the individual locking pins in the correct order and at the right distance. - The castle is unlocked (Picture nos. 2 and 3). However, if the wrong key is inserted, all or some of the pins will remain in the locked position. The lock can not be opened (picture no. 4).

Attacks on the castle are always aimed at the Outwitting or destroying the lock cylinder: For castles of inferior quality, it can be easily drilled out with a hardened special drill. Lockpicks, on the other hand, push down the individual locking pins and let them break in non-destructively. High quality and modern locks, however, require a lot of skill and time - and time is just what most burglars do not have.

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: house

Picture no. 1: lock cylinder without key

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: burglary

Picture no. 2: Locking cylinder with the right key

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: cellar

Picture No. 3: Unlocked lock

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: cellar

Picture No. 4: Lock cylinder with the wrong key

Lock Cylinder: High-quality locks protect against burglars

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: burglary

A modern lock cylinder consists of multi-hardened steel and is able to resist a burglar much longer than inferior quality cylinders. Safety locking cylinders protect against drilling and pulling out and against other mechanical attacks. To increase the anti-burglary protection, there are models with an additional drilling and pulling protection or a core pull lock. Although these locks offer no guaranteed security, they make it difficult for the burglar to enter the house.

Additional lock with locking bar

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: house

An additional lock with locking bar increases the security of simple door locks.

An additional lock with locking bar is above all useful in apartments with old front doors. Because older door leaves are made of a comparatively soft wood, which is quickly broken in the event of a burglary. An additional lock provided with a locking bar makes it difficult for the burglar to penetrate, so that he may refrain from doing so.

In addition, such additional locks not visible from the outside, which is another advantage. The burglar has already cracked the lock cylinder of the door lock and tried to get into the apartment, it stops on the short locking bar, which connects the door to the frame. However, there are differences between the models. For example, some auxiliary locks can only be locked from the inside, which is why they only offer a higher level of burglary protection if someone is in the apartment. If the locking bar in the absence of the door to protect, a special model must be mounted, which is lockable both from the inside and from the outside. For this, however, a hole must be drilled through the door leaf.

Armored bolt lock

Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: house

An armored latch secures the door across its entire width.

Reinforced bolt locks, also known as crossbar locks, belong to the door locks with the highest protection. The massive latch is mounted across the inside of the entire door panel. For attachment either heavy duty dowels or lock boxes, which are anchored in the masonry next to the door. If it is completed, push two massive bars to over the door frame. In this way, tank bolt locks protect the door on both sides. In addition, they can be variably adjusted to the door size. In addition, the lock cylinder is protected on its outside by a so-called. Steel armored escutcheon. In combination with a burglar-proof door with metal core provide crossbars a very high protection against burglary.

The disadvantage of the armored bolt locks is their limited usability: On front doors, they can only be mounted on the inside. In addition, the door to be secured must open inwards. Ideal, therefore, they are especially for basement or back doors, which are not often opened and where there is a higher risk of burglary, z. B. in freestanding buildings.

Resistance classes for burglary-resistant doors

A good burglar alarm not only requires a solid lock but also a sturdy door. Models of simple production offer no protection against tools and can easily be leveraged or severely damaged. On the other hand, burglary-resistant doors have no weaknesses on the sides, lock, door leaf and fitting. Depending on the resistance class, they withstand different burglary methods and tools:

resistance classBurglary method and perpetrators
RC 2Opportunity burglar tries to break open the door with simple tools such as a screwdriver, wedge and pliers. The anti-attack glazing of the door (if present) must withstand a falling ball of 9 m according to EN 356 P4A.
RC 3Habitual offender uses more tools, such. As crowbar, pin punch, two screwdrivers or a cordless drill.
RC 4Experienced offender with knowledge of possible loot tries to open the door with heavy tools, eg. Ax, drill, chisel, hammer and chisel, and is ready to cause noise.
RC 5Experienced and well organized offender with knowledge of possible loot uses electrical tool and spares no noise. For burglaries he uses punch or jigsaw, drill and angle grinder.
RC 6Very well organized offender with knowledge of a high booty puts drill and Spalhammer in addition to the electrical tools of RC 5 a.

Burglary-resistant protective fitting: structure and resistance classes

Protective fittings are today installed in many new buildings as standard on apartment and front doors. The door tags made of specially hardened steel are particularly thick-walled and resist most break-open and lever tests.

However, such fittings are missing especially in old buildings, in which often only a simple sheet metal or Alubeschlag is mounted. These protect the lock mainly against soiling and the weather, but offer no burglary protection. The same applies to plastic fittings, which can be easily unscrew or break open. Special protective fittings consist of an outer shield behind which there is a protective insert made up of several layers of steel.

The fittings are usually equipped with a cylinder cover or other cylinder protection systems. In this way they prevent the drilling or pulling out of the lock. These fittings are available in different designs and can therefore be selected to match the door.

Burglar-resistant protective fittings are according to DIN 18257 divided into four resistance classes:

resistance classesproperties

ES 0

Low burglar resistance: Without drilling protection

ES 1

Mediocre Burglar Resistance: Withstands tapping attempts on the profile cylinder and lever tests with simple tools

ES 2

Strong Burglar Resistance: Withstands chipping with a chisel and break-through attempts with various tools, such as wedges and screwdrivers.

ES 3

High break-in resistance: Protects the profile cylinder from tapping and pulling out. Door shield resists teeing attempts and high violence.

Door lift protection: Protection against levering the doors

A common way to break into a house is to pry open the door. By force and a correspondingly long lever arm the front door is lifted out of the frame. Once it has fallen off its hinges, the locking pins no longer grip and the entrance is free. Door lift locks, also called hinge side and door hinge side protection, prevent this. Depending on the model, they are available as steel spigots, safety hinges with rigid claws and as fuses with special bolt locking.

you withstand up to a ton of pressure and are mounted on the door leaf and on the frame. Due to their special technology, they spin when opening. In addition, they are not visible from the outside and are available both in stainless steel and in white or black decors. In combination with a security fitting and a profile cylinder lock, house and cellar doors can be retrofitted in this way.


Burglary protection for doors: burglary protection for house, cellar and patio doors: cellar

A classic door viewer

Not all burglaries happen secretly: In some cases, con artists get access to the apartment to steal valuables or to look around the premises to see if a later burglary is worthwhile. If unsuspecting residents open the door for them, they usually remain stubborn and can not be easily sent away. It is better to leave such persons in front of the closed door. With a peephole, residents recognize who is on the other side and decide whether to open it to the visitor.

Spies today consist of a wide-angle lens, which enlarges the area on the other side of the door and prevents visitors from looking inside the apartment. They are made of hard plastic or metal and installed at eye level in the door leaf. In addition to the classic door spies, there are models in which the lens integrated in a door plate or other door decoration and thus is not so easy to see.

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