Burglary protection for the front door - what is important?

Of course, the front door offers the burglar the direct way to get into the house. It is therefore important to pay sufficient attention to securing the front door. What is important and which points you have to pay attention to, read in this post.

Risk front door

Attack frequency of the front door

If you take a closer look at the burglary statistics, you will find that the majority of burglaries occur through windows and balcony doors (around 70 - 80%). The front door is the target of burglars in single-family homes only in about 15% of cases, in about 5% of cases, it is tried on the cellar door.

For multi-party houses, the situation is different: here the apartment door is the target of the attack in more than 90% of all cases.

Approach of the perpetrators

In most cases, the front doors attempt to break them open in the area of ​​the strike plate with tools and / or physical force. In 80% of cases, burglars do so.

Very often it happens that the entrance doors are unlocked (only closed) - then the burglar has an easy game and can open the door without much violence with several methods (but not as on TV - this usually does not work in practice),

Tampering with the lock cylinder (pulling, drilling, or breaking lockable lock cylinders) actually plays a role in less than 5% of cases. Nevertheless, one should of course be careful not to take any risks here.

Protection required at the front door

From the information listed above, one can deduce where protection for the front door is actually most important. Namely a protection against breakage by special fuses in the area of ​​the strike plate.

However, a door must always be seen as a complex entity - one can not look at a single area in isolation. Therefore, retrofitting in house doors are often problematic, because it does not succeed in eliminating all weak points completely. But a door is only as strong as its weakest point.

Recommendations for front doors

The best way to install a certified door with a sufficiently high resistance class by a specialist. Also, the environment of the door - so the door frame and its anchorage should be paid attention.

In any case, at least resistance class RC 2 is recommended. The door itself should also be as stable as possible, a door leaf thickness of more than 40 mm and a door made of solid wood is recommended. This also applies to the apartment entrance door.

There are also some recommendations for the locking system:

  • Multi-point locking is important and very advisable
  • Self-locking locks provide good protection when it is often forgotten to lock
  • the resistance on the hinge side of the door must be at least as high as that on the closing side of the door
  • Locking system with high resistance and attack class and drilling protection
  • Security fittings as far as possible class ES3

Tips & Tricks

Also make sure to adequately protect the side entrance doors, and above all, do not forget to protect the garage!

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