Burglary protection for the house and apartment

Burglary protection for house and apartment

Every three to five minutes is broken in Germany. Therefore, homeowners should protect their property with additional burglary protection, special locks and fittings. It is not only on the obvious vulnerabilities, such as windows or doors to pay attention, but also on blinds, basement hatches and house building. What resources are available and which resistance classes offer the best burglary protection for home and apartment, we explain here.

Safety tips: How to protect yourself from burglars!

It used to be thought that burglars were mainly active in the protection of the night, but today almost every second burglary occurs during the day. While residents leave the house at regular times for their jobs or weekly purchases, burglars use the opportunity to gain access. Therefore, residents should protect their house and apartment from burglary around the clock. This happens both with mechanical protection measures for locks, doors and windows as well as with simple ones Safety tips which every consumer can implement:

1. Complete the apartment doors and close all windows

The simplest protection to make it difficult for the burglars is closing the door of the house and the apartment, It is not enough to just pull in the door, as the perpetrators can pry it up with simple tools. The same applies to open or tilted windows, which can be overcome quickly by burglars with previous knowledge. Always close all windows and close the door, including the garden door.

Burglary protection for the house and apartment: protection

Burglary protection for the house and apartment: house

Lack of security: Burglar simply pulls out door lock

2. Pretend presence on vacation

Especially on vacation you leave your property alone for a long time. Burglars should not be aware of the abandoned apartment, you should ask neighbors, the To empty mailbox regularly, to pull up the blinds and let down again in the evening, As a practical tool prove here timers that operate the blinds daily or turn on the window lighting in the evening. It also makes sense to inform the insurance company.

3. Mechanical burglary protection

Old doors and windows not only cause energy loss and higher heating costs, they also pose a security gap. Door locks without protective fittings can be pulled out with the right tools in a short time or unlocked without violence using lock picking. Effective burglary protection is only provided by mechanical fuses, for which you will find detailed information on the page Burglary protection for doors.

4. Install alarm systems

Alarm systems are available for doors and windows in various variations and drive out most burglars as they try to enter the house. Who wants to protect his house with such a system, learns here how to install different alarm systems.

5. Clarification on burglary protection

Residents who are unsure about what protective measures are appropriate for their property can seek advice from the police or specialist dealers free of charge.

Burglary protection for the house and apartment: protection

Especially at Christmas, on public holidays or during the holidays more and more people are victims of burglaries. The perpetrators use the absence to penetrate the house. With the right behavior tips, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a burglary. Burglary protection for Christmas and on vacation

Important protection for house and garden doors

Although the windows are a major weakness on houses, the majority of burglars enter the rooms through the front or back door. Conventional door fittings and simple locks do not represent an obstacle for them, but are broken open or broken up. The perpetrators also take the risk of causing noise. The goal of good burglary protection in the form of Safety interlocks, Fittings or lock cylinders, it is therefore to withstand the burglars as long as possible until they give up their project or attract attention.

Burglary protection for the house and apartment: apartment

Burglary protection for doors

Doors and locks can be surprisingly easily broken up in a few minutes with appropriate tools from burglars. To prevent this, there are special security locks, burglar-resistant doors and additional fuses, which we present here in detail.

Mechanical protection for windows

Burglars open or tilted pose a real invitation to burglars. But even when closed, windows can only offer little resistance to professional perpetrators with appropriate tools, and they can be leveraged in minutes. As a result, the Criminal Investigation Department recommends mechanical protection measures that have been audited by the Association of Non-Life Insurers (VdS).

Burglary protection for windows

Windows are a weak point that burglars easily gain access to. The correct safety technology, which can also be retrofitted, remedies this problem. We introduce the most important measures for burglary protection for windows and blinds and explain the new resistance classes.

Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters

Shutters and rolling grilles provide additional burglary protection for windows and doors. You can install them later and upgrade older models with security measures.

Winflip automatic window closing system

Even in the cold season, it is important to air regularly. In order not to offer burglars an easy game, there is the automatic Winflip window closing system. With Winflip it is possible to ventilate regularly to prevent mold growth without your home losing safety in your absence.

Skylights, balconies and roof terraces

skylight and balconies are harder to reach than windows and doors on the ground floor and often have poorer or no burglary protection. But experienced perpetrators know these weaknesses of the house and use trees, garbage cans, walls, ladders to garage roofs as climbing aid, This will get you to hard-to-reach places and have an easy time there, especially since the aids are usually freely accessible on the property. The Kriminalpolizei advises therefore, web ladders and other objects, for example, in a garden shed, and balcony doors in the same way with additional locks to protect as patio doors on the ground floor. For roof windows special additional locks are available, which can be retrofitted to increase the burglary protection for home and apartment.

Burglary protection for light wells and basement shafts

Basement shafts and light wells are quickly overlooked when it comes to security. It is frighteningly easy to pry the grille for a burglar and protected against passersby penetrate through the windows or light wells in the house. For concrete basement shafts, a cover made of steel-reinforced glass concrete blocks or a roller grate lock is a good solution. For older gratings, there are special anti-lifting devices that are anchored on all four sides of the masonry, thus making it difficult to break up. For the protection of the basement windows, however, various protective measures come into question, which also apply to normal windows and are explained in detail on the page Burglary protection for windows.

Burglary protection in house construction

Burglary protection for the house and apartment: apartment

Anyone who builds a new house should already pay attention to the burglary protection of the above vulnerabilities during the construction process, thus reducing the risk of becoming a burglary right from the start. Depending on the size of the new building, good protection costs extra money and costs between 1,500 and 2,500 euros. But the investment is well worth it. After all, homeowners receive anti-burglary windows with a Pilkopf lock and a burglar-resistant door with a VdS-approved lock cylinder including a security card. If you also want to have an alarm installation installed, you should expect costs of around 2,500 euros, depending on the model. It reacts to burglaries as well as to gas, smoke and forwards the signal to a security company.

Retrofit when building a house

Even later safety systems can be installed in a house. However, homeowners have to reckon with costs between 200 to 300 euros per window and about 750 euros for a burglar-proof door. If the client knows already in the initial phase of the house construction that an alarm system is to be integrated later for reasons of cost, it is advisable to lay empty pipes already in the shell construction phase, at which the alarm system will be connected later. Nevertheless, installation or installation of anti-burglary measures should only be carried out by a specialist.

Certified and certified burglary protection for new buildings

(Element | Equipment | Standard, Certificate | Approx. Price)

  • Entrance door, new Burglar-resistant complete From WK * 2 DIN V ENV 1627-1630 From 1,500 euros
  • Front door, retrofit Security door plate, security strike plate, additional security on the hinge side, lock and lock cylinder DIN 18104 From 750 Euro
  • Apartment door, retrofitting peephole From 20 euros
  • Apartment door, retrofit Crossbar lock VdS-tested From 500 Euro
  • Apartment door, retrofit bar lock (each with installation by specialist companies) VdS-tested From 600 euros
  • Windows, new Burglar-resistant From WK * 2 DIN V ENV 1627-1630 From 200 euros
  • Windows, Retrofitting mushroom pin fittings, additional locks and band protection DIN 18104 Part 1 and Part 2 From 200 Euro
  • Alarm system Wireless alarm systems with motion detectors for room monitoring GWA according to VdS From 2.500 Euro

* WK = resistance class

eBook Recommendation

You can also find an overview of the most important measures against break-ins and tips on absence in the eBook Burglary Security: How to Protect Yourself and Your Home.

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