Burglary protection for the sliding door - what is possible?

Sliding doors - if they are, for example, patio doors - are a very particular problem. What options are there for securing sliding doors, what you always have to be aware of when backing up, and what the risk is, see this article.

Problem sliding doors

As with other doors and windows, it is not difficult for a burglar to pry open a sliding door. Even with patio doors, burglars usually have only three approaches:

  • the levering of the door
  • piercing a glass seal to move the window handle (usually falls off the sliding door)
  • inserting the disc to reach through the hole and operate the lock (very difficult with glass doors)

The fact that a burglar removes all the glass from the frame in order to get in through the door is rarely, if ever, possible. Such a procedure is complex, makes a lot of noise and does not conform to the usual procedures of burglars.


It seems important to secure the sliding door against being levered up. Also, a violent postponement from the outside should be prevented as possible.

In addition, it may still be worthwhile investing in a protection of the glazing - this, however, is associated with high costs for retrofitting, at the same time only a small protection factor.

Retrofit protection for the sliding door

From the well-known lock manufacturers - and some other providers - there are various security options that are designed specifically for sliding doors and lift-and-slide doors. These fuses can either be fixed or lockable.

Such fuses usually have a bolt that prevents the sliding door can be opened or simply levered open. The costs are (for lockable and simple push variant) at around 80 - 90 EUR.

Simpler variants, such as a lift gate and lift-and-slide door security are around 40 - 50 EUR. Alternatively, the so-called EM3 - bolt of the Wagner safety technology comes into consideration. It protects windows and doors of all construction methods against prying very effectively, the costs are around 60 EUR.

Tips & Tricks

Always keep in mind that any backup should actually be certified. During installation, care should also be taken to ensure that a specialist company carries out the installation. Improper installation can be a security risk.

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