Burglary protection for Velux roof windows - what is possible?

Skylights may be a preferred target of burglars in some cases. In these cases they need special protection. How to make Velux roof windows burglar-proof, and which protection classes can be achieved with skylights, read in this article.

The burglary risk

That burglars come over the roof is rather rare. In some cases, however, there is an increased risk - for example, if an upstream garage roof favors access to the roof window.

If there is no such accessibility, very few burglars will choose this access route. Which safety requirements are actually met, must therefore be determined by an accurate on-site inspection. If in doubt, you can also remove any ascent aids or make unusable as a climbing aid.

Protection class ex works

At Velux, there is an additional special version for windows - the "burglary protection" version. These windows are equipped with a special locking device, which should better prevent opening from the outside. There are also other measures:

  • targeted reinforcements
  • special safety components in the equipment
  • tempered safety glass
  • Slice is firmly glued to window sash
  • Disc is reinforced against prizing
  • Window is lockable from the inside (additionally possible)

Protection class of the window

At Velux, the maximum possible protection class is class RC 2. For the roof window, the same protection requirements apply as for other windows in DIN EN 1627.

In practice, this means that the skylight window can withstand about 3 minutes for a casual offender who uses only a screwdriver, pliers and wedges. Habiters with Kuhfuß or power tools, the window is still no match.

Protection class of the glazing

The maximum possible protection for the glazing at Velux ex works is in the glass safety class P4A.

For practice, this means only Durchwurfhemmung, Axthieben does not hold the glass. In the test for class P4A, the glass of a 4.11 kg metal ball falling from a height of 9 m must withstand at least three times when the ball hits at adjacent points.

In practice, after all, this is quite a useful protection against throwing in.


The plastic version of this version is available from around 480 EUR, the wood version from about 420 EUR in this version at Velux.

Retrofitting Velux windows

With Velux windows, mechanical fuses can be partially retrofitted. These include, for example, reinforced lock fittings and strike plates on the roof window, or lockable security locks for the window. Even opening limiters can sometimes be useful.

Tips & Tricks

A roller shutter may under certain circumstances constitute an additional burglary protection for the roof window. However, you should make sure that the shutters and a corresponding safety class is met and certified.

Video Board: Security lock for VELUX pivothung roof windows