Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars

Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars: burglary

A solid burglar protection for windows must meet many requirements: on the one hand, the windows should be safe from burglars, on the other hand, residents want in things Light incidence, ease of use and ventilation make as few compromises as possible.

In addition to massive window grilles, there are various methods to protect windows in living and basement rooms. in the The center of a solid protection stand the windows themselves, which - depending on the design and glazing - already provide good protection and can be upgraded with further security measures.

As homeowner as comfortable as possible effective burglary protection on their windows, we show on this page.

RC 2 and 3 - New resistance classes for windows at a glance

To improve the burglary protection on doors and windows have been in place for several years EU-standardized resistance classes according to EN 1627that determine how long they have to withstand a culprit using different tools.

Since September 2011 these will be Classes as "Resistance Class" designated, abbreviated RC. One differentiates between the classes 1 to 6.

Window of the RC 1N have standard window glass and offer only a small protection against physical violence and burglary attempts with small tools. In addition, there is no manual check of these windows.

In contrast, models of RC 2 N three minutes before one Opportunist with simple tools protect. However, the glass is not broken, but merely tries to break the window lock with a screwdriver or wedges.

The class RC 2 replaces the old resistance class WK 2 and certifies tested windows that have to withstand both a burglary attempt according to the criteria of the RC 2 N as well as a Attack-resistant glazing according to the test standard EN 356 have. This glazing consists z. B. from a special safety glass or is coated with a burglar protection film.

Windows of the next higher class RC 3 resist one for five minutes habit perpetratorstrying to break it with a crowbar or two screwdrivers.

The other resistance classes RC 4 to 6 protect between ten and twenty minutes before experienced burglars with larger tools, such as a drill, chisel or angle grinder. In addition, discs of the RC 5 and 6 sustain direct attacks during the break-in attempt. - In private households, however, mainly the classes RC 2 and rarely RC 3 are found.

For normal homes and houses RC 2 is the most common standard:

  • She has one Geglegenheitstäter provide at least 3 minutes of resistance.
  • It must be able to withstand simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedge.

The following video shows a resistance test DIN EN 1627 RC 2 at a window:

Burglary protection for basement windows

Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars: burglary

Basement window with steel aperture

Basement windows are particularly vulnerable to burglary: usually they are less complex than windows in the living spaces and easy to open from the outside.

A weak point z. B. Light wells, the grid can be levered up with simple tools. So that does not happen Homeowners bring one or more cellar shaft fuses below the grid.

These security measures prevent them from being lifted and burglars in the shaft opening the window. Are the Windows above the sidewalk, They should be secured with a minimum of 3 mm thick steel pinhole.

To the To protect against burglary, you screwed these from the inside with the window frame. Alternatively, it is possible to secure it with a sturdy padlock, which is also mounted on the inside.

Further burglary protection on windows is provided by metal bars, which are mounted outside or in front of the steel pinhole.

Safety glass and attack-resistant glazing according to EN 356

Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars: burglary

Safety glass with break-through glazing

Who in one especially vulnerable environment lives or valuable items stored at home, should pay attention to the burglary protection, especially on the ground floor.

Conventional RC 2 windows are equipped with anti-impact glazing. This is technically based on the principle of laminated glass: One or more glass panes are under Pressure through one or more transparent plastic layers connected together and thus receive a high impact and impact resistance.

As with the resistance classes, there are also different gradations here. Depending on the class you need Impact-resistant windows withstand a falling ball from 1.5 to 9 m height in the test procedure. This corresponds to z. B. the throw of a stone.

Even greater protection against burglaries is offered by windows with one break-through glazing, As part of the test procedure one tries to hit a hole in the disk with a sharp slash weapon...

Burglary protection film enhances the Durchwurfhemmung

Burglary protection film is not a complete substitute for safety glass, but makes it difficult for the burglar to get in. If the pane is smashed, the broken pieces do not fall into the interior, but stay with the protective foil hang.

If he tries to get in further, he first has to cut through the protective foil, which is time consuming some offenders deters and thus it remains at the attempted burglary. Depending on the type of film, it consists of one or more age-resistant polyester layers.

The transparent, UV-resistant acrylic adhesive holds in the event of a blow the splitter in place and protects people in the interior. Another advantage: Anti-burglary films are - like window glazing - tested to EN 356 and have, depending on the manufacturer, an additional UV protection and a scratch-resistant surface.

For this reason, they are a cheaper and effective way to effectively protect the windows from intruders. Combined with one passive glass breakage detector can achieve a high burglary protection in this way.

Passive and active glass breakage detectors

Glass breakage detectors differ in active and passive devices, The passive construction reacts to certain acoustic signals, while active detectors register waves in the ultrasonic range.

The passive models include acoustic devices and so-called passive glass breakage detectors:

Acoustic glass breakage detectors Monitor the entire room with a built-in microphone that depends on the specific sound characteristics of bursting as well splintering glass is set and on airborne sound responding. It also detects changes in air pressure that occur when a window is hit. The range of the sensor is - depending on the model - at 5 to 7 m. As soon as glass within the reach of the sensor breaks or splits, the device triggers an alarm.

Passive glass breakage detectors also respond to acoustic signals, but record structure-borne noise. This burglary protection is glued directly to the glass. The piezoelectric Sensor responds to vibrations in the range of 100 kHz and the altered tension that occurs due to the bursting of the disc. However, it does not respond to knocking or opening and closing noises of the window.

Passive glass break detectors can either be connected directly to the alarm system or equipped with a warning sound to monitor the windows. Acoustic detectors are suitable also for private households or if the windows inconspicuously monitored from a distance should be.

Active glass breakage detectors are equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter and at least one receiver. Both are mounted on the windowpane and are in constant contact with each other. If a burglar hits the glass, he sends it Transmitter sends a modified signal to the receiver and the glass breakage detector triggers an alarm.

Further glass breakage detectors: alarm glass

Alarm glass belongs to the glass break detectors and is the most inconspicuous and at the same time most effective kindto protect your own windows. Fine wires embedded in the glass rupture when the glass breaks, causing the alarm to sound.

Pilzkopfverriegelung: Safety begins with the window fitting

Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars: protection

Mushroom head lock for windows

Normal windows in standard construction are fastened with so-called round head locks. That's in Principle moving steel boltswhich are pushed behind a closing plate.

However, round head bars with a crowbar are relatively easy to push out of the lock without causing noise. The situation is different with so-called mushroom head bars: These have at the Top side a second, wider platee made of a special hardened steel, which additionally holds the bolt in the closing plate.

When the window is closed, the mushroom-shaped pins on the window sash hook into the striking plates, which are fastened to the window frame. A burglar must therefore the Break locking plates out of the window frameto open the window.

Since this is very well attached, caused theres breaking up considerable noise and requires a lot of effort. As a result, this burglar-resistant method has a high deterrent effect.

Lockable window handles

Lockable window handles are less a burglary protection measure than a way to prevent children or other homeowners from opening a window. Nevertheless, closed windows increase protection against burglaries.

In addition to the RC 2 window, a standard equipment includes a lockable handle and a mushroom lock. Has a burglar hit the disk and grips the handle, lets it through the additional lock Do not open.

It is therefore advisable to use existing locks, but the key should not be in the immediate vicinity of the window.

Window Grill: Rustic, decorative and effective

Burglary protection for windows: secure windows from burglars: protection

Window grilles must be firmly anchored in the masonry

Window bars are certainly the oldest method to protect the house from intruders. However, looking through solid bars is not for everyone, even when it comes to decorated and artfully curved Gitter acts.

However, such contribute only to the protection against burglaries, if they are firmly anchored in the masonry and can not be unscrew: It should have been home improvement, have fixed the window grille with hex screws. It is better that To put window grille directly in the cement or to be mounted from the inside with lock screws.

Likewise, the material of the window grilles plays an important role: Beautiful decorative grilles made of soft iron can with a Hand saw cut in a few seconds become. Superior grade steel is more resilient and robust, so offenders can only remove steel grates with a great deal of strength and time, and residents can feel safe.

Such grids are no longer reminiscent of prison cells, because nowadays versions are available that are designed for Contribute to burglary protection and decorative at the same time appearance. So they have ornaments of different kinds or have a curved shape. Other models are anchored in masonry only above and below the window, but not on the sides.

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