Burglary protection: how important is an alarm system?

Again and again the question arises whether an alarm system is really indispensable for a good burglary protection. Whether this really is the case, when alarm systems make sense, and what points to observe in the alarm system, read in this article.

Application of alarm systems

Alarm systems are basically a possible additional burglary protection. Fundamentally important, however, is first of all the mechanical protection against burglary.

Only when the intrusion into a building is made so difficult by mechanical means that a burglar will generally give up the attempt, is there actually an effective burglary protection.

absence protection

Absence protection always exists when it is impossible for the burglar, even in his own absence, or is too time-consuming for him to enter the house.

Although alarm systems and other electronic monitoring devices also provide a certain absence protection - but in a much smaller way. About half of all burglars are deterred by alarm systems, the other half simply ignores them, often professional offenders. They see no risk in them.

Alaram systems and monitoring devices (cameras) can therefore only ever be additional protection. As sole protection they are by no means sufficient.

Adequacy of the alarm system

An alarm system should always be appropriate to the actual hazard potential. For this purpose, the applicable standards provide for four hazard classes which prescribe the correspondingly meaningful plant for a specific hazard potential.

For private households usually a so-called grade 2 - plant is used. Other standards refer to such a system as "Class A". Class 1 equipment is not recommended and is inadequate.

Grade 3 and 4 systems are only used for special protection requirements if the potential for danger is particularly high.

Examination and certification

Always make sure that your alarm system is actually tested and certified. In any case, planning should be carried out by security experts and should be in line with the actual risk potential in all areas and be appropriate.

Tips & Tricks

The installation of alarm systems may only be carried out in accordance with the applicable technical regulations and by an electrical engineer.

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