Burglary protection is very popular among DIYers

In spring and summer, most DIY enthusiasts start implementing new projects. For this occasion, the European home improvement monitor of the USP Marketing Consultancy questioned DIYers in Germany, for which DIY projects home improvement in Germany plan most of the expenses. - With a surprising result: Most people want to invest in new security systems.

The largest expenses are attributed to typical home improvement activities, such as renovation, interior work or other work in the home and apartment. But how could all these tasks be implemented without qualitative tools? Therefore, the purchase of new tools with 19 percent took second place in the investigation.

Burglary protection is very popular among DIYers: very

More than a third of do-it-yourselfers plan to work indoors

Now you should think that - in addition to the classics mentioned above - in the summer work on the outer facade, the roof or in the garden are pending. Instead, 12 percent of the DIY enthusiasts surveyed plan to purchase new locks, alarm systems and cameras or to invest in other burglary protection measures. This trend was already evident in the last quarter of 2013, when more security technology was spent on burglary and theft.

In view of the frequent slumps in houses and apartments, the increase is not surprising, because passionate hobbyists put in a lot of time and work every year to revamp their house and garden. Especially since a good protection against burglars on windows and doors can be retrofitted in most cases. If you seriously think about leaving the planned gardening or bathroom renovation work to improve the protection of your property, you will find comprehensive information in our contributions to house and home burglary protection. Among other things, we inform about the different possibilities for doors, windows, shutters and give behavioral tips when traveling over the holidays.

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