Burglary protection: Is a tilted window dangerous?

Again and again there are discussions about whether a tilted window increases the risk of burglary. Whether this is really the case, what is the risk for windows on tilting, and what opportunities there are to protect yourself, read here.

burglary times

Statistics have found that burglaries occur on a very large scale during the daytime, between 10 and 20 o'clock. That is, burglars also come and often even during the day - when the residents of the house or apartment are at work.

For the burglar, this has several advantages:

  • the chances of meeting someone and risking a confrontation are very low
  • The escape from the burglary is much easier in an ordinary crowd than at night on deserted streets, where you notice very quickly
  • intrusion is less easily noticed during the day as neighbors are often away from home, and there is no suspicion of someone hanging around near the house

Risk due to tilted windows

Basically, all advisory services warn against letting a window tilt when you leave the house. Despite all modern security and additional security, tilted windows are always an ideal access point for burglars.

Levering a tilted window (also a security window) is a lot easier than penetrating through a closed window. Even with the insurance, there can be big problems after a burglary, when the windows were on tip - many insurance companies regard this as a kind of negligence.

Add to that the psychological effect for the burglar: a tilted window is almost an invitation.

Parallel shut-window

An exception here are so-called parallel shutdown windows. These windows can be opened in a special way to ventilate. The window is moved evenly away from the frame on all four edges, forming a continuous ventilation gap.

Unlike the tilted window, the same resistance class (usually RC 2) is given for a parallel-stop window set to "ventilate" and is also ensured by the standard tests. In this case, there are also no insurance problems after a break-in.

Tips & Tricks

Various manufacturers also offer so-called additional fuses for tilted windows, which are intended to prevent burglary. But always be critical with such products and see if the respective safety class is ensured and guaranteed by the use of the product even when the window is tilted. Otherwise, you would rather forego this risk.

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