Retrofitting burglar protection - you have these options

Not every house has doors and windows that are sufficiently burglar-proof from the outset. Since an exchange usually means too much cost, you just have to retrofit what can be retrofitted. The possibilities for this can be found in this article.

Meaningful retrofitting

Preferably burglars climb over windows on the ground floor or patio doors (so-called French windows). Here is a retrofitting in any case makes sense. Doors and side entrances are also preferred targets where burglars try to get into the house.

On the upper floor and in the attic, windows need only be secured if the burglar has an opportunity for ascent (such as a garage roof, climbing aids or the like). In most cases retrofitting to upper floor windows will not make sense.

Often, not much can be done to protect the garage, especially the garage door is usually difficult to retrofit effectively.

Retrofitting for windows and patio doors

Retrofitting is particularly important here - with more than half of the burglaries, the culprits come through windows or patio doors. Unsecured windows can be silenced with a simple screwdriver and in seconds.

It is also an occasional method (about 10% of the time) to turn the disc and then use the window handle.

In order to avoid both, you can retrofit the following parts:

aftermarket partto be observedprotects againstPrice approx
Aufschraubsicherungennecessarily according to DIN 18104, visually often uglyleveringfrom about 30 EUR
Mushroom cones see also herenecessarily according to DIN 18104Alternative against prying, invisible
Lockable window handlesnecessarily according to DIN, must withstand torque of 100 Nmso-called glass penetrationfrom about 30 EUR

To protect the glass, you can also add security foils. In most cases, you can achieve very low resistance values ​​(usually P2A) at a high cost (from around 40 EUR per m² glass surface).

Retrofit doors

In the case of doors, you can mainly retrofit the fittings and the lock itself. Possible here are:

  • a protective fitting (protects profile cylinder and lock mechanism)
  • a so-called tape side protection of the door hinge, prevents the levering
  • a multi-point lock (different types, can also be combined)
  • a doorstep security

Protective hardware should best meet ES2 or ES3 (highly burglar resistant).

A door slot security is more of a protection against intrusion than a real burglary protection. However, it can be presented from the inside (for example if you leave the house via the garage) and opened with the key from the outside.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that all retrofit parts must be installed by a specialist. Only by a technically correct and experienced installation, the protective effect is actually given reliably.

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