Burglary protection starts already at the fence!

Especially for single-family homes, much emphasis is placed on security today. Given the high number of burglaries, this makes sense. But it is often overlooked that you could do a lot at the property boundary. What is possible and what to look for, read here.

Fence as burglary protection

The fence is the first barrier a burglar has to overcome to get to the property. Already here you can make it very difficult for burglars - and maybe even prevent them from breaking into.

Overcoming fences or enclosures can cost a burglar trouble if they are properly designed. Above all, the burglar is at risk of being seen. Burglars - as well as confrontations - usually want to avoid this risk.

Design the fence correctly

Some basic measures can help to make life difficult for burglars.

garden gates

Garden gates or fences should be protected by a gate, which is always locked. The quality of the castle should be such that the burglar has great difficulty, and needs a lot of time to crack. In general, it makes sense to illuminate the access extra. This generates attention when someone tries to make it at the gate.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to lock garden gates when you are at home. This protects you from other uninvited visitors quite effectively. An intercom or picture intercom may also be useful.

Avoid privacy

A burglar can go to work relatively undisturbed if he can not be seen from the street - for example, by a high hedge or palisade. As comfortable as a comprehensive privacy screen can be - for safety reasons, it is rather disadvantageous. For this reason, one should also take the protection of the garage and in particular the garage door seriously.

Overclimbing complicate

Create a fence that is difficult to climb over. On the one hand ensures a corresponding fence height, on the other hand, a corresponding design of the fence - such as with tips or other elements at the top. The more difficult the fence is to climb, the more risk there is for the burglar to be seen.

Tips & Tricks

Avoid also, if possible, to offer the burglar "hiding places" on the property. This can be dense shrubs, poor visibility or even tall, dense trees. You should especially avoid that a tree may become a climbing aid in higher floors.

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