Burglary protection by light - why that works

As the number of burglaries is steadily increasing, more and more security is being upgraded in private households. Often, the very simple options for additional protection are overlooked. Why light is an excellent burglary protection, and how it works, you will learn in this post.

burglary times

Many break-ins still take place at night. Although it is also broken during the day (between 10 and 20 clock), there is a high risk of detection for burglars anyway. At night you can act more undisturbed.

Burglars now have a great interest in not being seen or noticed. In most cases, they break off their project when there is a risk that someone might discover or see them.

outdoor lighting

This starts with the access routes. There are often many things that help burglars:

  • poorly lit or not lighted access routes
  • the shadow of bushes or trees
  • unlit corners that are in the dark

If one succeeds in illuminating such "protection zones" for the burglar well and making them visible from the outside, the burglary risk drops significantly. When external light and all lamps are coupled to motion detectors, the effectiveness of the deterrent increases.

Although many homeowners have already retrofitted here, there are still considerable shortcomings in terms of lighting. Solving these shortcomings can significantly reduce the risk to many buildings.

interior lighting

Most burglars do not attach much importance to meeting the resident. They prefer to work when nobody is at home. That is why houses are usually thoroughly explored before.

To simulate presence, even when you are not there, you can use changing lighting in the house specifically. If the light goes on and off again and again in individual rooms, a burglar is unsettled - and may be outside his project.

About timers can do something easily, even home automation systems offer this possibility.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, it is also about making it difficult for a burglar to gain access as much as possible. A protection of the windows is essential, also the front door should be protected accordingly. Most burglars give up after a few minutes, if they can not gain access. (Statistics start from around 5 minutes). If you succeed in stopping a burglar for longer than this time, you have won.

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