Burglar protection at the conservatory - what can you do?

Burglars love windows and patio doors - statistics show that clearly. But even the conservatory can represent a worthwhile for the burglar access. What you can do to prevent this and what protective measures are effective, read this post.

Problem conservatory

A conservatory is often located at the back of the house - so it is usually not visible from the street. The burglar, once he has overcome the fence and has come to the property, so can make trouble in the conservatory.

Since a conservatory is made of glass, the risk is of course particularly high here. But burglars rarely attack the glass even in winter gardens, but - as with windows and patio doors - mostly deal with fittings.

glass quality

Simple glass is easy to overcome for most burglars - it's fast and almost silent. This is much more difficult with safety glass. Burglars often can barely overcome good safety glazing.

Therefore, pay attention to the appropriate glass quality already during the construction of the conservatory. In addition, retro-fitted glass breakage detectors can help you gain additional security and deterrence.

safety films

The retrofitting of glasses with safety films is possible in principle. However, the possibilities are limited here. As a rule, at most safety classes from P2A to a maximum of P3A can be achieved. The cost is already very high, but the material price is already at least 40 EUR per m² glass surface. As a rule, this is not worthwhile with a conservatory.

Secure the French windows

As a rule, the same advice applies here as for the protection of windows and patio doors. However, you should keep in mind that the usual recommended resistance class RC 2 can not be sufficient because of the usually badly visible position behind the house. If in doubt, if possible, set to a higher class.

Tips & Tricks

An alarm system with external siren is not always as good as it seems at first glance. Neighbors often can not easily associate the noise, or simply ignore it. Or they are not at home, or do not respond in time. Many burglars (around half) are not deterred by alarms, because burglaries often go very fast.

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