Buy kitchen: the best tips

The purchase of a new kitchen will probably be considered. When planning a new kitchen as well as when buying one should pay attention to a lot. We have put together some important and useful tips for buying kitchens in this article.

Correct kitchen size

Always plan your kitchen before you buy. As planning basis, you should take the necessary storage space in your old kitchen to see how many cabinets you have filled how far. Then you have more overview of how big the cabinet space has to be in total that you need.

Planning for the required work surface is superfluous - the work surface of a kitchen can always be easily expanded with top shelves or bar solutions. You can also simply put a trolley at your kitchen, which you can use as an additional work surface if necessary.

Pay attention to sample kitchens

If you buy a sample kitchen or exhibit, you may be able to save a lot of money. Individual models are often reduced by up to 50% in price.

If a kitchen is set up and delivered anyway, buying an exhibit will not be a problem. You only save a lot of money.

Prepare necessary sockets and connections

A new kitchen may require additional connections or connections elsewhere. Have them made in good time by the electrician so that there are no problems when setting up the kitchen.

Make sure that if you need additional equipment, often an additional circuit must be laid and plan the visit of the electrician in time.

You may also need to have a water connection or wastewater connection installed. Always remember too.

Kitchen plan

Professional planning can not be replaced by anything. Many planning errors can often be recognized only with experience. If you have the opportunity to plan your kitchen professionally, take it true. In almost all cases, it pays off.

If you want to plan yourself, be sure to use a 3D planner. Planning in 2D requires some experience in order to be able to really imagine the future kitchen.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to ergonomics, short distances and the right worktop height. Click on the link to learn more.

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