Purchase advice for kitchen and bath fittings: Tips Purchase of fittings in the kitchen and bathroom

Tips for buying a fitting

Purchase advice for kitchen and bath fittings: Tips Purchase of fittings in the kitchen and bathroom: purchase

The faucet, the unknown object: Who decides to buy new faucets for his bathroom, must make some decisions. Single-lever mixer, two-handle mixer or three-hole basin mixer? Classic, minimalist or even futuristic? Branded product, hardware store or China import?

The choice offered by the sanitary market is huge and almost unmanageable for the layman. But even a few considerations in advance facilitate the search for the one, the perfect fitting.

The first impression counts, so the exterior of the fitting is the first important item on the checklist. Not every design suits every bathroom. The dashboard can be the icing on the cake to determine the overall picture of the bathroom and either underline the furnishing style or consciously achieve contrasts.

Real jokers are puristic shapes with clean lines that blend in with both a romantic and a modern setting. They have the great advantage that you do not quickly look at them or are subject to a fast-paced fashion.

High quality fittings last longer

Especially in multi-person households fittings are heavily used utensils. In order for them to function smoothly for many years, it pays off to invest in quality. Branded products usually have a guarantee and provide quality with letter and seal, as they are made of high quality materials and are externally inspected and certified. No-name products or cheap plagiarism often can not keep up and what saves the buyer on the price, may soon flow into the repair bill.

No quality faucet without the latest technology. Here are the eyes: the greatest possible safety and ease of use should be self-evident, but unfortunately they are not always. Only cutting-edge technologies can fully meet the high demands on a fitting.

A good example is Grohe fittings. The technologies of the German market leader are easy to understand with clearly defined terminology that serves as a guide in the sanitary market. For example, the Grohe SilkMove faucets guarantee a velvety smooth running of the operating lever. On the other hand, the fittings of Grohe CoolTouch ensure that fittings and shower surfaces do not become hotter than the set mixing water temperature - in other words: cool on the outside, hot on the inside. And the Grohe DreamSpray showering technology ensures even water distribution over the entire shower head and versatile spray patterns for every taste.

Economy in water consumption

Purchase advice for kitchen and bath fittings: Tips Purchase of fittings in the kitchen and bathroom: kitchen

And another consideration should not be ignored when fitting the tap: Not only attractive, durable and technologically up to date should be a fitting, but also economical in consumption. Single-lever mixers are ideal for this because the regulation of the water temperature works very fast and precisely. This gives them a clear advantage over two-handle fittings.

Thermostats also help save energy on the shower and bath, as they reliably maintain the preset water temperature and, for example, enable a reduced water flow via the economy switch.

Anyone who wants to play it safe when buying his faucet should seek advice from his fitter. Especially important: This should also take over the professional assembly to ensure proper operation of the valves. Already nothing stands in the way of the new water experiences in the bath.

Checklist fitting purchase:

  1. Certified quality
  2. State-of-the-art technology for safety and comfort
  3. Timeless design
  4. Economical consumption

High tech in the bathroom

Even surfaces of the fittings need regular cleaning due to limescale and other soiling, so that they do not become unsightly. In order to offer as few attack surfaces as possible, valve manufacturers have developed a dirt-repellent surface refinement, which can be used with matt chrome-plated fittings. For some years consumers can buy such products. The first coating systems for dirt-repellent surfaces based on nanotechnology have been in operation since 2001.

The special surface finish is permanently baked at temperatures between 300 and 400 degrees and causes the surface tension of the water is stronger than the attraction of the tub surface. Due to this high-tech coating, the water droplets contract spherically and emit very well. Hook in the matter: The costs per object about 50 to 60 euros over the standard ceramics lie. There is also a risk through the use of unsuitable care products. The smooth and actually easy-care surfaces are roughened by too sharp cleaning solutions. After that, limescale and dirt can accumulate even more. The result: The next time you have to brush even harder - a vicious circle begins.

Fitting types

Faucets can be used in various places: There are kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, washbasin faucets, shower faucets, bath fittings or Bidearmaturen. The fittings for the various uses, which depend on the space in which the fitting is needed, are again divided into different categories.

line fittings

By this one understands the classical faucet, which one can turn on and off independently by levers - in professional circles it is called "drawbar". Because the lever / pull rod regulates the water temperature, this is a single-lever mixer. In a two-handle faucet, you again have separate levers or mostly wheels, each for cold and hot water, with which you mix in order to obtain the desired water temperature.

safety device

Such a fitting can only be opened in the cold water area, whereby there is no danger of scalding. Turning counter-clockwise increases the temperature and water flow rate, allowing a safety faucet to better regulate and control energy and water consumption.


Achieve maximum hygiene because the fitting does not need to be touched. Because with an electronics fitting, the water jet is triggered by optical sensors and switches itself off automatically.

Self-closing taps

In this fitting, the water flow is started by pressing a button and can last between 5 and 35 seconds. As the name implies, the water flow automatically turns off in a self-closing fitting.

noise classes

For faucets, you should also pay attention to the noise class, which is listed on the packaging of the valve. The best grade is class "I", which produces 20 decibels. The quieter a fitting is, the better the water flows through it. If you live in a multiple dwelling and can follow each other loudly every time your neighbor takes a shower, and not because he sings in the shower, you should not worry about the pipes in the house, but maybe recommend your neighbor a new faucet. Because usually it is not the pipes that are responsible for the volume, but only the fitting.

Faucets in the kitchen

In the kitchen you usually have the choice between faucets with a simple faucet or pull-out spray. Caution is advised when in the kitchen a boiler or hot water tank is attached. It is important to note that the boiler must not be exposed to the permanent pressure of the water pipe.

Therefore, boilers are not combined with normal fittings, but with so-called low-pressure fittings, which are equipped with 3 instead of 2 connections. The low pressure fitting with the third connection takes over the water supply of the hot water tank. The fresh water passes through the fitting and then into the boiler, but only if the valve of the fitting also lets the water through. This happens when warm water from the boiler is needed. By this method, the hot water tank remains pressure-free and can not burst.

Faucets in the bathroom

Purchase advice for kitchen and bath fittings: Tips Purchase of fittings in the kitchen and bathroom: kitchen

First, the faucet is one of the fittings in the bathroom. Regardless of whether it is a single lever faucet or a two-handle faucet, you have the freedom of choice how to design your bathroom. You should only think about what you need in the bathroom. In your own bathroom you should rather not resort to the self-closing fitting or electronics fitting, because they do not provide sufficient water flow in order, for example. sometimes to wash the hair on the sink. On the other hand, the variants of the self-closing fitting or electronic fitting on the guest toilet or public toilets are very useful to limit water consumption and thus not only to save water, but also money.

But not only the sink is reflected in the bathroom, but also the shower or the bath. And these too require fittings that also occur in a wide variety of variants.

Faucets in the shower

Also hot water regulator and the shower are considered as faucet, as well as shower systems, consisting of a fixed large shower and a smaller, located on the hose and thus movable shower - usually called hand shower. The showers can usually be set so that the drops are either scattered or bundled; This can either cleanse the whole body, or specifically massage body parts.


Mostly used in the shower, because the big advantage of a thermostatic tap is: After opening the water flows immediately in the desired temperature. As a result, there are no unnecessary adjustment losses, e.g. with two handle fittings. And at 38° there is a stop that prevents scalding. If you want to have a bit warmer, press the release button and set higher temperatures. And even with pressure fluctuations, the temperature is maintained. Should there ever be a drop in pressure in the cold water, the hot water supply is automatically interrupted in order to avoid scalding even in such a case.

Designer fittings

There are a variety of offers from manufacturers. But what everyone can buy is an LED faucet attachment, which can dip the water in blue or red light. Blue, when the water is cold, turns red when the water warms up. You just have to unscrew the old attachment and mount the new LED faucet attachment in its place.

Another variant would be a waterfall glass washbasin with LED technology and illuminated water jet. The glass waterfall shines in three different colors: blue at a temperature of 0° - 29°; Green at 30° - 38° and red at 39° - 48°. If the water gets warmer than 49° C, the glass will start to flash, signaling that the water is getting too hot and you can scald yourself. Only four AAA batteries are needed to run the LED lights.

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