The lamination of glass results in laminated glass

Laminating means adhering different materials to one another over the entire surface. An example of this is the flooring "laminate", which consists of at least three bonded and pressed layers. Even glass can be laminated, resulting in both useful and decorative products.

Laminated glass is laminated glass

Laminated glass is created by laminating glass. The manufacturer uses at least two glass panes, which he glues with an intermediate layer of plastic or composite foil. The glass thus receives an effective splinter protection.

The use of thermo-elastic, tear-resistant, transparent foil results in laminated safety glass. The intermediate layer is usually not visible here, it fulfills purely practical functions. Design laminated glass, on the other hand, serves decorative purposes, such as laminating photos with glass.

Tips & Tricks

Design glasses made of laminated safety glass offer a high splinter protection and look beautiful at the same time. Many products can also be used outdoors. An exciting decoration idea!

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