C profile

C profiles in drywall are those profiles that act as plate supports. They have their name because their upper edges - unlike the U profiles bent yet another time inward, and thus the letter C remember. They are available in different dimensions.

Use of C profiles in wall construction

In wall construction, C profiles are the vertical uprights to which the panels are screwed. They are clamped and fixed between the floor and ceiling rails, which are made of U profiles. The open side must always point in the same direction. In C profiles, it is also easy to clamp insulating material on its open side. C profiles are held in place by so-called plug-in connectors, which, however, should always be bolted to the U profiles to ensure a secure hold. Even with formwork they are used in exactly the same way.

Use of C profiles in the ceiling construction

While the C profiles for wall construction are also referred to as CW profiles, they are called CD profiles in the ceiling construction. They are used there in a similar way as in wall construction, but at closer intervals, to ensure a better grip of the plates. For ceiling constructions, they are firmly and securely bolted to the respective side members, usually made of UD profiles. Instead of the substructure, so-called direct hangers can be used in certain cases, but this is not always possible.

Curved versions for vaulted ceilings

C profiles are not only in a straight shape, but also bent to make vaulted ceilings, for example. But then so-called bending plates are required. Designing vaults with C profiles is not easy, it requires a knowledgeable hand and some experience. In addition to the right plates for such a project then in some other special materials are required.

Execution of the different C profiles

C profiles are available in different lengths, in different widths and web heights, in addition, the length of the inwardly bent part can also vary. C profiles with a larger web height are also called sound insulation profiles, because they are used especially where a special sound insulation for free-standing walls is to be achieved.

Video Board: C profile operation