Build the cabinet yourself

Build the cabinet yourself

Instructions and construction plans for self-construction

Build the cabinet yourself: table

The cabinet is one of the pieces of furniture that take on a wide range of functions. A siteboard for the living room or a storage cabinet for kitchen utensils; lockable or open. But also TV cabinets, multimedia shelves or hi-fi furniture can be found in almost all four walls. But often the desired piece of furniture does not fit in the corner where there would be room for it. To avoid such problems, it makes sense to build a cabinet yourself.

Building a cabinet yourself is certainly a demanding task for DIY enthusiasts, but it is easily possible with the following building instructions. We have sorted the plans of the type of cabinet. All instructions are of course free and may be used at will. Just click on the respective link and on it goes to the cabinet in self-made.

Storage cupboard and built-in cupboard

Designing a Closet Organizer

Built-in wardrobe with compartments, drawers with material list to check off:


Cabinet for sloping roof

A wardrobe for a sofa bed = double bed including storage space for the bedding:


TV cabinet, multimedia shelf and hi-fi furniture

Construction manual for a professional hifi rack

Instructions for building a PA Hifi Rack at manageable costs from a kitchen worktop. Illustrated instructions:


Build TV shelf yourself

A flexibly adjustable and fast:


Chest of drawers and chest

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser

Restore an old dresser with a colored wood stain to a trendy piece of furniture in a shabby chic look. - Detailed instructions with pictures:


Dark gray table

A table to build yourself. An instruction:

at ana-white

Oriental table

A table from the Orient with many structures and large drawers:


Litter box in a chest of drawers

Construction idea for a cat toilet in a small closet, prevents smell and crumbs in the house:


Changing Table

Instructions for building a baby dresser or dresser with pocket holes:


treasure chest

Instructions for a small treasure chest in the form of a decorated box made of MDF boards. Illustrated instructions and blueprint as PDF download. Suitable for beginners:

at Westfalia Versand

Chest of Drawers

Drawers Cabinets with large and small drawers:

at amateur woodworker

Storage Chest

Chest or chest of pine wood as a coffee table and storage space:

at amateur woodworker

Treasure chest for filling and sitting

So cleaning up makes fun out of MDF boxes and piano band:

at Bosch do it

Chest for garden furniture seat cushions

A chest of waterproof plywood with ventilation holes:

at (PDF)

Closet, bedside table and corner cupboard

Build coffee table on wheels yourself

Construction instructions for various coffee tables with and without castors, plenty of storage space and multiply expandable table top made of different types of wood:


DIY: Shabby Chic bedside table

From a traditional side table made of wood you design a stylish Shabby Chic nightstand. Our manual explains the design step by step:


Wooden table for the bed

A wooden table for the bed with three large drawers:


Bedside table in country style

Chic antique bedside table with drawers and large storage space:


Dark gray table

To build yourself. An instruction:


Traditional table

The classic wood to build yourself:


Semicircular bedside table

Bedside table in semicircular with compartment and two wooden drawers for self-construction:


Small bedside table

A simple guide for every home improvement:


Classic bedside table

Ideal bedside cabinet for the nursery. An instruction:



Build nightstands made of MDF boards yourself:


Building instructions bedside table

A step by step guide:


Rustic side table

Wooden side table to build yourself:



Night chest with different positioning options:


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