Lime cabinet: how do you do that?

Using lime paint, you can highlight the wood grain of a cabinet. What should be considered when limescale a cabinet to get a nice result, see below.

What happens when limescale?

When liming, a lime paste is applied to the cabinet. This penetrates the pores and thus emphasizes the wood grain particularly beautiful. Already painted, waxed or painted surfaces can therefore not be whitewashed. Before limescale, treated or varnished wood should be sanded down and paints, varnishes or any paint residues removed thoroughly. Lime pastes do not have to be white: they can also be found in all sorts of shades in the specialist trade, whereby the wood grain is better displayed in lighter shades.

The bigger the pores the better the result

Therefore, limescale is particularly suitable for large-pored wood such as elm, ash or oak. But other wood can be limed. With a wire brush you can open the pores before limescale. Furthermore, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with a degreasing agent before licking.

Tips & Tricks

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