Cake made of bricks and spray cans with edible varnish

Cake made of bricks and spray cans with edible varnish: made

baking mix

Do you know the feeling when the food is really heavy in the stomach and you feel that you can not move anymore? "The Deli Garage" took the whole word literally and put a baking mixture called "Bricks" on the market. These bricks are not only for master craftsmen or architects, but they also taste those with three left hands. Simply mix with the usual ingredients such as eggs, milk and butter, pour into small molds, bake and the mighty cake is ready. The baking mix is ​​available in the flavors chocolate and stracciatella and is even supplied in small cement sacks. These bricks are not available at the hardware store, but only at

Always eat in traffic light colors
The fruits and vegetables are incredibly healthy, you probably all know. But do you also know that healthy food depends on color? It is best if you always take alternating red, orange and green vitamin bombs. First a tomato, then a carrot and then a portion of spinach. Oh? You do not like fruits or vegetables? Well then we have something for you...

Cake made of bricks and spray cans with edible varnish: cans

Colorful cakes

The paint is off, right?
And as if that was not enough, "The Deli Garage" has come up with yet another sensation: Esslack. You're probably wondering if we want to kid you or if it's April 1st, but no, it's true! With Esslack you can spray your food in red, blue, gold or silver. Golden peas, red steak or silver salami slices are now available. ESSLACK shines everything that comes under the nozzle in the kitchen. With it you can conjure a guaranteed unforgettable dinner for your friends and families, even without affecting the taste of the food. Apply the Esslack like normal household paint: spray on it, let it dry and finished is the highlight. For a perfect finish, apply several thin layers.

Cake made of bricks and spray cans with edible varnish: bricks

Colorful waffles

But beware: the eye is eating
And that is not just some folksy saying, but really true in this context. Researchers found that people can do better when food is colorful and versatile. The more colors we see, the more we eat. So be careful with colorful waffles and chips! Better serve a colorful fruit salad!

Fruit salad: video from YouTube

The Deli Garage
The Deli Garage is a food label that offers online delicacies from regional food manufacturers. With affectionate names, unique designs and the know-how of a professional sales network, it always brings new and funny products to the market. Besides the olive oil "oil change"And the homemade vodka"fuel", There are still some"Schokoleim„, „Multipurpose pasta" and "tubes honey„.

@ Deli garage: We as busy home improvement always look forward to a small powerhouse. Just drop us a note so we can pimp our brown bread with your paint.... ?

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