Camping chair comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Campingstuhl Comparison or Test 2018

  • Of course, camping chairs are not only suitable for tent adventures, but also for fishing, around the campfire on the lake, for the local balcony and relaxing at a festival.
  • In general, a distinction is made between a foldable camping chair (stable, but somewhat bulky) and a folding chair (space-saving, but somewhat fragile).
  • Pay particular attention to the maximum load capacity and the material of the seat when buying a camping chair. The rods should at best consist of carbon, because this is not only as light as aluminum, but also more stable.

Camping chair comparison 2018: camping

The modern outdoor enthusiast has long been aware that camping in the wilderness should not be without a comfortable camping chair. Of course, this highly practical tool is also suitable for many other activities, such as long hikes, a fishing trip with friends and especially for use at a festival, where after a long dance in high heat, sitting becomes a luxury event.

What you should pay particular attention to when buying a copy and which extras have the best pieces is revealed in our camping chair comparison 2018 together with the following guideline text.

1. Does not a camping chair take away too much space?

The history of the folding chair

Folding or foldable chairs are truly no invention of the modern age, because already in the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the ruler seats were also designed so that you could fold them.

In addition to leather hides, woolen cloths and collapsible slats, the most popular materials included sophisticated carvings, gilded ornaments and ivory plates engraved with animal symbols - a relatively complex process for today's circumstances.

In fact, the best camping chair is only partially suitable for those minimal adventurers who limit themselves to ultralight tents, sleeping bags and (if necessary) a mattress. For most other camping enthusiasts, a camping chair is just as suitable as a suitable air mattress, a travel pillow or even a camping shower.

You also do not need to worry about space: Some foldable camping chairs are about 35 cm shorter than most tents (when packed together).

The following list gives a hopefully inspiring overview of the possible uses of a camping chair:

  • on a fishing or hunting trip
  • on a nature hike
  • at the campfire with like-minded people
  • to relax after wild dance at a music festival
  • as additional seating on the local balcony
  • as a practical accessory for a road trip with friends

Below we have for you the Advantages and disadvantages of the classic camping chair compared to a newfangled tripod stool:

  • a backrest provides more comfort
  • Armrests provide a beverage storage
  • very resilient
  • often heavier and not as efficient to transport
  • is only partially suitable as a decorative article

2. What types of camping chairs are there?

In the following overview we describe the main differences between the different types of camping chairs.

Deckchair typedescription
Folding Chair

Camping chair comparison 2018: 2018

The folding camping chair is the classic variant: Seat surface and backrest can be folded so that they lie on top of each other and in this compressed form can either be carried or pushed into the corners of a caravan. The disadvantage is that these models are still a bit bulky and therefore probably rarely worn over several days while hiking through nature.

Although the material is often very stiff, but also very stable due to a sturdy steel frame, which makes the folding chair especially suitable as angling chair and also for dining on the camping table. For added stability, some models also come with included plastic feet.

Folding Chair

Camping chair comparison 2018: comparison

The main difference to the foldable camping chair in the category folding chair is that these models togetherwrinkles to let. On the one hand this ensures a (often marginal) lower stability, but on the other hand it saves much more space. These chairs take the shape of a rolled-up tent folded uponly they are usually shorter and lighter.
Three legged stool

Camping chair comparison 2018: chair

Tripod chairs are finally on one Tripod also folding camping seats, which take up a little less space when folded, but also lose their stability. Few models also have a seat back, However, these chairs are often delivered with a handy carrying case.

3. Purchase advice for camping chairs: Which criteria are decisive?

The following purchase criteria are particularly relevant for the purchase of your personal camping chair test winner.

3.1. load-bearing capacity

Camping chair comparison 2018: comparison

Especially when traveling to distant places, it is important that your camping chair is made of lightweight materials.

Precise judgment is required here: Although folding chair models are fundamentally considered to be more stable, they were often designed only for rather smaller buttocks - Folding chairs often offer more space. If you are more of a heavyweight category, you should take a closer look: Some camping chairs can withstand up to 160 kg, others threaten to tear at just under 100 kg.

3.2. Material and weight

The material of the rods: Square aluminum is considered one of the lightest metals and is therefore especially used for sports and camping utensils. Also lightweight, but even more stable than aluminum are also rods made of carbon, Of course, weight plays a major role in camping chairs and it varies a lot:The models from our camping chair comparison vary from 0.8 to about 5 kg.

Note: The seat material is usually made of nylon, polyester or PVC - it is important that it is easy to wash off; pay attention to the corresponding instructions. Camping chairs with a cotton seat should be avoidedbecause they quickly become very heavy due to absorbed moisture and moisture.

3.3. transport

Camping chair comparison 2018: comparison

The cozy sitting together around the campfire is often only successful through the use of practical camping chairs.

In fact, not all camping chairs are hinged (but all models from our comparison). While folding chairs are considered rather bulky, these can still be practicably push under beds built into minibuses or behind or next to a large shelf in your own home.

Some camping folding chairs, on the other hand, are so small and light when folded that sometimes several of them can be packaged in a backpack. Alternatively, these chairs can of course be transported in a bag. The general rule: 30 to 60 cm in a folded or folded camping chair are already extremely short; he should not be longer than 100 cm at best.

4. Further questions about the topic camping chair

Among the better-known manufacturers of camping chairs include the following:

  • Helinox
  • Grand Canyon
  • Anglo-Berger
  • Coleman
  • quechua
  • Mil Tec
  • McKinley
  • High peak
  • Grand Canyon
  • Camp 4

And these manufacturers are considered comparatively inexpensive:

  • bel-sol
  • Bo-Camp
  • 10T
  • Spetebo Piccolo
  • Nexos
  • TecTake
  • Outwell
  • Jago
  • Easy Camp
  • ADW
  • SunnCamp
  • Yellowstone

4.2. Are there camping chairs for more than one person?

Camping chair comparison 2018: 2018

This camping chair has been converted into anglers' chair - and is also sturdy enough to withstand both father and daughter.

In fact, some manufacturers have come up with the idea to design a camping folding chair for several people. For best comfort, make sure that the entire seat is at least 100 cm in length and 40 cm in depth. Meanwhile, models with height-adjustable armrests exist and even the almost obligatory built-in cup holders was almost always thought.

4.3. What should I look for in a camping chair for children?

If you are generally very enthusiastic about camping and also have offspring, the kids should not miss the tent holiday - of course the safety of the children has top priority.

Danger: A children's camping chair should either have one Locking lever or one Einklappsicherung so that the little ones do not fold unexpectedly. For many manufacturers, this is already a matter of course, but by no means at all.

4.4. Is there already a camping chair test of the Stiftung Warentest?

So far, neither the Stiftung Warentest nor comparable institutes have explicitly dealt with a camping chair comparison. Generally, camping articles are very popular with the foundation, At this point, we would like to point you, for example, to a camping mat test of the Swiss consumer magazine balance draw attention that appeared in issue 05/2016 of Stiftung Warentest.

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