Camping Table Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for camping table comparison or test 2018

  • Camping tables can be easily folded or folded and are therefore ideal for a camping trip with your own means of transport.
  • Camping tables are used for camping holidays not only to prepare food and meals, but also for common games or as a side table at a festival.
  • Pay particular attention to the weight and material of the table when buying - depending on the material, the former can vary greatly (from just under 2 to over 15 kg).

Camping Table Comparison 2018: 2018

Tents, mattresses and sleeping bags are packed together and the folding chairs including cupholders are conjured up from the cellar or shed and off you go on a great camping holiday with friends or family. Travel games and even the cool box is successfully stowed in the car or caravan - but something is missing: the right camping table! Bulky? Not even close!

In our camping table comparison 2018 we have compared the best camping tables that are currently on the market and give you in the following guide text important tips and tricks and a detailed purchase advice on the way.

1. What is a camping table suitable for?

Camping Table Comparison 2018: comparison

Some camping tables can be used indoor or outdoor.

A camping table, properly used, will quickly become the center of attention during a tent vacation, and not only if it is used to feed it. The numerous uses of a camping table we have listed for you as follows:

  • for eating barbecue food during a tent vacation
  • as a side table for storage for drinks and the like
  • to the lower surface for board games
  • for temporary storage of garden equipment
  • in combination with a tarp for rain protection, for example at festivals

Similar to the camping chairs is a camping table folding or folding and thus not only perfectly suitable for transport within your own car or RV, but also for easy storage in your own home and - if available - in the basement, shed or allotment. Incidentally, you can find our camping chair comparison here.

Some models are also adjustable in height - the advantages and disadvantages of this feature we have compared in the following for you:

  • more flexible adjustment options
  • Re-functionalization to the side table
  • also usable as a game table for children
  • lower stability
  • Table may become useless if the mechanism breaks down

2. What types of camping tables are available?

In the following overview we describe the most important differences of the two main types of camping tables.

Camping table typedescription
Camping table

Camping Table Comparison 2018: 2018

These classic camping tables offer of length, width and v.a. Height enough space for appropriate chairs or stools and at the same time several people. The legs as well as the tabletop are normally collapsible. These larger variant of camping tables are very stable, offer plenty of space, but are also correspondingly heavy.
Camping table

Camping Table Comparison 2018: table

The smaller camping side tables do not usually have enough space to put down a camping stool or chair and they are suitable for a maximum of two people. For this purpose, side tables are optimized for the storage of smaller utensils, for example, food, drinks, grill plates or even a small mobile barbecue.

This camping table version is less stable than its big brother, but smaller, more flexible and easier to handle.

3. Purchase advice for camping tables: Which criteria are decisive?

The following purchase criteria should keep you in mind when purchasing your personal camping table test winner.

3.1. Dimensions

Actually, it is quite simple: If you need a camping table with plenty of space, you also have to expect more storage space in the car. Or? Well, that depends: The best camping tables offer plenty of space and yet can be extremely small fold.

Here are some example dimensions of camping tables in unfolded and folded state:

Dimensions of camping table unfoldedDimensions camping table collapsed

183 x 72 x 76 cm

91 x 76 x 9 cm
141 x 70 x 70 cm141 x 16 x 24 cm
100 x 60 x 94 cm100 x 60 x 5 cm
90 x 90 x 68 cm90 x 45 x 7 cm
50 x 48 x 61 cm71 x 47 x 5 cm

Tip: If you already have camping chairs before buying a new camping table, make sure your new camping table is high enough to slide your chairs under - On average, camping dining tables have a height of about 60 to 70 cm, The usual height for indoor tables is thereby 76 cm.

3.2. Weight and material

Camping Table Comparison 2018: comparison

Folded into a practical suitcase, a bulky camping table can be easily transported.

The weight of our compared camping tables varies greatly, If you can not use a car for transport, you should pay more attention to it. While those aluminum tables weigh only 2 or 3 kg, those made of steel can count up to 16 kg.

Additional weight is provided on some models by the surface material - while most use metal and relatively light plastic, some manufacturers also use natural and environmentally friendly wood, such as bamboo.

3.3. transport

Ideally, camping tables can be folded into a suitcase shape and thus transported relatively easily and carefree. If this is not the case, manufacturers usually deliver a transport bag. Even without a mobile means of transport (such as a Campervan), a camping table can therefore relatively easily carry around - a private car is still highly recommended.

Note: Not all camping tables are literally "collapsible", some have to be broken down into their individual parts instead. Corresponding tables have been marked accordingly in our comparison table.

3.4. folding mechanism

Without the special folding or folding technique camping tables would probably only be called garden tables - this feature is what distinguishes this product. As practical as a folding campingtisch but also is: Note that the stability of a camping table can not be affected only by the folding mechanismbut also by the height adjustment and additionally by a Ausziehmodus.

Danger: When folding the table legs, it is easy to get your hands or fingers pinched, so be very careful and pay special attention to your (less experienced camping) children.

4. Further questions about the topic camping table

Among the better known manufacturers of camping tables are the following:

  • Outwell
  • Deuba
  • Relax Days
  • ultra Natura
  • Camp Active
  • Grizzly Pyle
  • Camp 4
  • Coleman
  • Outwell
  • Westfield Outdoors
  • Camp Active

And these manufacturers are considered comparatively inexpensive:

  • 10T
  • HI
  • Brunner
  • Crespo
  • Dukdalf
  • Euro Trail
  • Bel Sol
  • Easy Camp
  • Fritz Berger
  • 10T
  • Grizzly Pyle
  • Deuba

4.2. Is it worth buying from a camping table set?

Camping Table Comparison 2018: table

Aucb a camping trip with friends is only complete with a practical camping table.

Buying a whole set of camping furniture is worthwhile, especially if you value aesthetics and at the same time want to make sure that your camping chairs are definitely comfortable under the camping table. Sometimes you can save money by buying an outdoor furniture set - However, we recommend that you pay more attention to the details of the table and chair, If you have to make big drawbacks, it may be worth the single purchase.

4.3. Can I also build a camping table myself?

In principle, you can also build a camping or garden table with materials from the hardware store yourself - as long as you have the necessary time and stamina and are gifted enough. One problem, however, is the installation of the folding mechanism that makes up a camping table. The following do-it-yourself video could be helpful in any case.

4.4. Is there already a camping table test of Stiftung Warentest?

So far, the Foundation has not yet committed to an explicit comparison of camping tables; Camping equipment in general, however, is very popular with her. For example, we recommend a test on camping mats from the Swiss consumer magazine Saldo (from issue 05/2016).

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