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  • Camping washing machines replace the hand wash of the clothing when traveling or in between and often have a capacity of 2 to 3 kilograms on average. Particularly compact machines can only be loaded with 1 kg, but very large ones with up to 6 kg of laundry.
  • Travel washing machines with an integrated spin function also help, despite the low spin speed, that you do not have to wring your laundry out by hand.
  • Mobility, a lightweight design and low power consumption characterize camping washing machines. Fill water into the machine by hand and leave it off manually.

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: camping-washing

Proud 20 percent of camping holiday enthusiasts had planned to travel longer than 21 days in 2016. Regardless of whether they had planned a cruise or a club holiday, only 5 percent wanted or could take a more than three-week break from everyday life. (Source: ADAC)

Within such a long vacation time, not only many beautiful vacation photos, but also mountains of dirty laundry.

Camping washing machines can Convenient to take on vacation due to its easy operation and compact design and provide fresh linen. In our camping washing machine comparison 2018, we explain the most important purchase criteria and tell you what the small washing machine can still be used.

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1. Camping washing machines: Not only when traveling an alternative to hand washing

They are space-saving, low in consumption and, moreover, fast in terms of cleaning: even relatively cheap camping washing machines make uncomplicated laundry possible in between.

We have listed the features of a travel washing machine for you:

  • Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: machines

    A camping washing machine can be easily taken with you when traveling.

    They have an average of 3 to 4 kilograms low capacity for laundry, but consume only a little power.

  • The narrow washing machines do not need a water connection. You just fill previously with the kettle or the stove heated water in the washing drum and the machine is ready for use. A camping washing machine with heating, which heats the water automatically, is much more comfortable.
  • Almost all camping washing machines are Toplader. So you can simply fill the water and the laundry with a flap at the top of the machine. In a front loader washing machine, the water would run out again.
  • On Washing program lasts on average only 15 minutes, Your laundry will not be as clean as a regular washing machine.

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of a travel washing machine for you:

  • Low energy consumption
  • little dead weight
  • high mobility
  • short wash time
  • puristic functional equipment
  • Washing performance does not help against heavy pollution

Conclusion: Camping washing machines do not have the full functionality of a regular stand washing machine, but are an energy-saving alternative to hand washing delicates or traveling.

2. Ventricular fibrillation: The two types of travel washing machine

In order for you to determine your personal Camping Washer Test Winner as well, you need to question what you expect from such a compact washing machine. There are two categories of equipment that you will encounter in a camping washing machine comparison:

Single-chamber model

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: comparison

  • handy format
  • very low weight
  • high mobility
  • common container for washing and spinning
Dual-chamber model

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: 2018

  • larger dimensions
  • higher dead weight
  • separate chambers
  • separated washing and spinning

Even the best camping washing machine will not provide as good a washing performance as you would expect from a conventional full automatic washing machine. Nevertheless, the purchase of such a compact device is worthwhile. Pants, a jumper and two t-shirts are often packaged in both variants of the travel washing machine.

3. Buying advice for camping washing machines: The most important factors

3.1. The performance: low energy consumption due to fast washes

Energy label

You do not need to be irritated if you do not find an indication of the energy efficiency class. Camping washing machines are not large electrical appliances and are not subject to labeling, However, if there is an energy label, the efficiency class is usually A +, A or B. The power washing machines are not really power guzzlers.

A camping holiday is not just for purists. Travel washing machines, in contrast to their large conspecifics, nevertheless require less structural conditions to clean your laundry. A simple outlet is enough for the camping washing machine in often only 15 minutes your textiles are free of dirt, Due to the short washing time and the lack of elaborate washing programs, the small washing machine is very energy-efficient. The camping washing machine can be so not only on the campground, but also convenient for quick laundry in between his.

3.2. Capacity: Space-saving external dimensions due to low drum volume

Between 1 and almost 6 kilograms of laundry can accommodate the mobile washing machines. The drum volume is not only enough to quickly clean a sweater and trousers, but also, for example, to wash your family's towels after a beach visit.

The more capacity a washing machine can hold, the larger its external dimensions.

Camping washing machines with a capacity of up to 6 kg are suitable for stationary use in the home, whereas you can transport a small model with a smaller chamber volume space-saving.

3.3. The spin capacity: Only partial quantities of the wash load can be thrown

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: machines

The spin chamber is significantly smaller in this model than the wash chamber.

Most camping washing machines allow you comfort:Often, you do not need to wring your laundry out after washing. A camping washing machine with a sling prevents you from having to hang your clothes dripping wet on the clothesline.

Single-chamber camping washing machines hurl their laundry in the same room where they also wash textiles. In the variant with two chambers your laundry moves directly into the designated box.

Camping washing machines usually spin the laundry for a maximum of 5 minutes, so it's not surprising that the textiles do not dry too much. After all, the mini washers with a dryer spin on average at around 300 revolutions per minute in order to squeeze the washing water out of the fabric.

Due to the smaller volume of the spin chamber, less laundry can be wrung out in the machine than was washed in it.

Camping washing machines have one lower spin performance than standard washing machines, Since the compact design of the washing machine is in the foreground, but this is certainly responsible. The lightweight plastic material of the travel washing machines must be able to withstand the spin speed without breaking.

3.4. A standard wash program for all skins


If you find the name "2 programs" on a camping washing machine, these are usually the washing program and the spin program. If you have a lot of clothes made of delicate materials like silk, it's worth considering buying a camping washing machine. This will save you the annoying hand wash in the sink. In addition, the low spin rate also spares wool and silk.

For camping washing machines you do not need extras. Most of the time, the mini washers have only one wash programwhich you can compare with the color laundry program of a large washing machine. Few species have an extra fine cycle.

3.5. Low weight creates high mobility

Washing machines for camping must above all be easy to transport. All the more pleasing is the low effort that you need to carry. The small variants weighing only a few kilograms can be carried comfortably.

The washing machines weigh between 5 and 15 kg and are thus as heavy as a box with full water bottles.

This is made possible by the material. Here are the advantages of a plastic travel washing machine at a glance:

  • low weight
  • stainless
  • easy care

4. Experiences with the camping washing machine: What does Stiftung Warentest recommend?

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: comparison

Could convince in the test: The Persil Color Gel.

The testing institute has not yet carried out a separate camping washing machine test. Nevertheless, we would like to present you another test result that is relevant with regard to the travel washing machines.

We recommend yours Camping washing machine to use only with liquid detergent, otherwise washing powder residues can settle in the washing machine and leave stains on the laundry.

Stiftung Warentest has conducted a liquid detergent test in issue 02/2013. Test winner was the color gel gold from Persil with the test rating "GOOD".

5. FAQ: Questions and answers about the topic of washing machines

5.1. Where to buy camping washing machines?

The narrow washing machines can be purchased in electronics stores or household goods stores. Online, however, you will find a wider choice of models and brands. A comparison is well worth it. Especially the German manufacturer Syntrox is often able to convince in camping washing machine tests. But you should also keep an eye on the following brands:

  • Eagle
  • Aqua laser
  • Bomann
  • Brunner
  • clatronic
  • EASYmaxx
  • FDS
  • Scrubba
  • Syntrox Germany
  • TecTake
  • ONEconcept

5.2. Is a camping washing machine suitable for single households?

No, a camping washing machine is not a fully fledged alternative to conventional full automatic washing machines, Although there are travel washing machines with a capacity of around five kilograms, washing comfort and cleaning performance are considerably lower. The Federal Environmental Agency also advises to use a device with high spin speed, as the drying time of the laundry can be tremendously shortened.

One-person households or those with little space are better advised with a narrow top loader.

5.3. Do you need a power connection for travel washing machines?

Camping-washing machine comparison 2018: camping-washing

Powerless alternative: If the energy supply is lacking, you can also clean your laundry in a washing bag during camping.

The small washing machines are usually operated electrically and have a very low power consumption of only 200 to 300 watts.

In case you are looking for one Camping washing machine without electricity Maybe, a high pressure washer is just what you are looking for.

With the high-pressure washing machine you simply fill the device with laundry, detergent and water and Turn the full wash basket with a crank to clean the clothes.

5.4. Do camping washing machines need a water connection?

No, because the aim of the washing machines is to be as uncomplicated as possible. You fill the machine with water yourself. After cleaning the laundry you have to manually drain the water at the camping washing machine. Drain the water from the wash chamber best in the drain. Usually there is a drain hose on the side or the rear end of the machine.

Be aware of lint that may have caught in the machine and remove it immediately.

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