Can you also build your own stove cabinet?

Hardly any other area is as standardized as the fitted kitchens. There is practically available for all specified dimensions. Nevertheless, it may happen in individual cases that a Herdumbauschrank a special measure is needed. Whether you can build a Herdumbauschrank yourself, read in this post.

Reasons for self-construction

Built-in stoves have basically fixed standard dimensions. Kitchen furniture in the available versions are designed exactly to these standard dimensions. This makes it easy to plan kitchens with fixed "building blocks".

Herd out of the norm

There is no standard, however, for the dimensions of ceramic fields. In individual cases, they can also be made "across" and have a width of up to 90 cm. There is also a small selection of wider ovens with larger capacity.

Even high-quality gas cookers from the upper class or gastronomy segment can have more than the usual 60 cm width, especially if they are more than 4flammig, or have more than one oven.

For such flocks you have to make your own conversion cabinet or have it made in some cases, if there are no standard sizes for it.

Determine dimensions

Since there are in most cases only deviations in the width and possibly in the height of the stove, you can basically orientate yourself by the dimensions of the standard cabinets for built-in cookers. In most cases, you will only need to increase the width to 1.5 times, and can accept all other dimensions.

Material for DIY

It is best to use either:

  • Plywood boards
  • Laminated wood boards or
  • so-called multiplex plates

The attachment of the side parts to the bottom part can be easily done with chair angles, under the bottom part are adjustable feet. The sidewalls are best connected with two strips for better stability (take into account the height!)

Herdumbauschrank - construction manual

  • suitable plates (just right to cut)
  • baseplate
  • oven pad
  • 2 side parts
  • 2 connecting strips for above
  • 1 panel (between base plate and hearth support)
  • Chair angle for attachment
  • 4 or more adjustable furniture feet
  • Mounting material (suitable screws, possibly wooden dowel and glue for panel)
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • tape measure
  • spirit level

1. Determine dimensions and obtain material

Determine all required dimensions for the boards and let them cut to size.

2. Fit sidewalls and feet

Attach the side panels to the base plate with the chair angles. Then install the adjustable feet at the same distance from the nearest corner.

3. Insert the stove support and the stove

Insert the stove support and secure it with chair angles at the correct height. Now you can use the conversion cabinet and install the stove. Check with the spirit level and adjust the feet if necessary.

4. Fit the cover

Finally, mount the front panel.

Tips & Tricks

Adjustable feet are not intended to correct measurement errors, but merely to compensate for a potentially uneven floor. The stove must always be exactly in the balance (important!).

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