Open a tin without a can opener

Certainly one or the other reader already knows the situation. A can is to be opened, but the existing can opener does not work or there is no opener at all. How you can open such a can without a can opener with different techniques nevertheless, we summarized below for you.

Can openers often fail the service

They certainly exist, the situations in which a canned is to be opened, but just no can opener is there. Or the existing can opener does not work anymore. Especially with the modern can openers, it is clear that cheap products often do not keep what they promise.

Some cans can be opened without any problems, suddenly, with the next can it will not work anymore. Either the cutting wheel or the cutting iron can no longer be pressed into the can, or the can opener rotates when turning through empty. Then extra out of the house because of a can opener is then not necessarily the preferred option.

It also happens that the can opener has been forgotten

The other typical situation is the picnic, an outdoor tour with break or the first camping evening, when far away from any business the hunger was great and the can opener was forgotten. Although most readers now suspect a conventional kitchen knife as a typical alternative method for opening cans without a can opener, there are also other options.

Various options to open a can without a can opener

Of course you do not always have a kitchen knife at hand. So here are the methods you can use to open a can without a can opener:

  • with an ordinary kitchen knife
  • with a combination pocket knife
  • with a smooth stone, on an asphalt floor or a paving stone without any further aids

1. Open a tin with a kitchen knife

First of all, it must be stated in advance that solid work gloves should be worn, for example, made of leather. The risk of injury is otherwise immense. Basically you can use any household knife with a smooth cutting edge. The knife should therefore have no fluted or wavy edge. If necessary, opening a tin can also works with a cutlery knife with a slight toothing.

The knife is now inserted on the outside of the lid surface directly at the fold. Now there are two ways. You place the blade facing you and carefully pry down the stabbed knife. At the same time you must always press the knife slightly outwards towards the fold, otherwise it will run inwards when cutting.

At the latest with second or third cutting or downwards levers you can see the slight protrusion inside the can at the severed fold. Here you can counter the knife. But since everything is relatively soft, really cautious approach is appropriate - even with safety gloves!

In the second option using this technique, stab the kitchen knife with the cutting edge away from you. So you cut the sheet from bottom to top. At the same time you have to press the knife slightly outwards in the direction of the can fold, otherwise it will run inwards when cutting.

At the same time you try to counter something with the back of the knife at the fold of the can. Again, under no circumstances should too much pressure be exerted. In other words, always make the shortest possible cuts. Experience has shown that this is more efficient and at the same time the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

2. Open the box with a combination pocket knife

The combination pocket knife has a small tool, which is usually about half as long as the actual knife (or the big knife with two knives). In addition, there is a roundish recess at the bottom, which converges at the bottom in a point. This tool is already used to open a can by rockers. However, this requires quite skillful and yet remains a job that takes a long time felt and is also exhausting.

You can also use a trick here. Pierce the sharp hook. Now do not bob or pry this. Instead, push the hooked hook now forwards through the sheet metal of the lid. With some courageous power and a reasonably high-quality combination pocket knife this edge runs almost like butter through the sheet. The can should be opened without a can opener with this method after 10 to 15 seconds. Again, it is mandatory to use safe working gloves (leather).

3. Open the box on a stone-like surface without any additional auxiliary surface

But it can also happen that you have no tools at hand at all. But even then you can open a preserve. However, there is another catch: Canned foods with a liquid content are not easy to open. But it works for a fixed content all the better.

You need a rough stone surface. So a relatively smooth concrete block, a stone slab with a relatively smooth surface, a concrete or screed floor or a hard road surface. Now you see that the can fold always withstands something.

Turn the page down and begin to "drag" the can on the stone back and forth. The fold is ground off more and more. After some time, the fold has disappeared so far that you can simply remove the lid, as it is severed at the fold.

Tips & Tricks

If it is a handy stone slab and someone can hold the can, at the first sign that the lid is now permeable, you can turn the can over again and grind it from above. Alternatively, you can now open the almost looped lid fold much easier with a knife, if available.

Tips & Tricks

So can also be opened cans in which are liquids. However, you must be very careful that no abrasion of stone and metal can get into the contents. More tips for general use of a can opener, we have summarized here for you.

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