Is it possible to convert a freezer into a refrigerator?

There is always a need for an additional refrigerator, but freezers are often superfluous. Whether a conversion from the freezer in a refrigerator is possible, where the problems lie, and what tips there are, learn here.

Fundamental problems

A freezer is not suitable for use as a refrigerator. Both devices fulfill a different function and are therefore designed differently in terms of technology. You must consider the following points:

  • Thermostat needs to be adjusted
  • Remove warning devices
  • resulting moisture
  • interior lighting

Thermostat needs to be adjusted

Freezers are designed for low temperatures. To operate a freezer as a refrigerator, therefore, a corresponding thermostat must be installed for a cooling control.

Such thermostats (for example Universal Thermostat UT 200) can be obtained from electronic retailers. The thermostat is installed in front of the plug and the remote sensor is placed inside the freezer. This then works the temperature control as a refrigerator.

For the thermostat you have to expect costs of around 50 EUR upwards.

Remove warning devices

Some devices have built-in warning buttons that automatically sound an alarm when the temperature in the freezer rises above a certain temperature. When operating as a refrigerator, this alarm would strike constantly.

Since the alarm sounder is often installed directly in the electronics, it must be soldered. This happens on the corresponding board. The electronics are usually located in the cover of the freezer.

Resulting moisture

The constant opening and closing of the refrigerator door creates condensation inside. With a refrigerator, this can drain, a freezer has for it from home no device.

To catch the thawing water, for example, you can use dehumidifying sacks, which are changed regularly. They absorb the resulting moisture.

Tips & Tricks

Only carry out alterations to electrical appliances if you also have appropriate specialist knowledge. Working on devices that carry electricity, you must have the appropriate specialist knowledge in the electrical sector!

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