Can you cut a spring mattress?

Do you have a spring mattress that does not fit into the bed provided? Consider whether it is possible to trim the feather core mattress? We answer the question!

The construction of older spring mattresses

Older and cheaper spring mattresses usually have steel springs, which are connected to each other via spiral wires and thus give each other support. This special construction creates a surface reaction when pressure is applied to the mattress: several springs soften the pressure.

Can you cut a spring mattress?

Since the springs are connected together, it is not easy to remove a few springs to shorten the spring mattress. If you were to cut your spring mattress, the entire spring core would lose its grip and collapse at the latest when weight is applied.

Can you cut a pocket spring mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses are constructed differently than conventional spring mattresses: The springs are not connected to each other but even individually packed in bags. Here, a shortening in principle would be conceivable, but the danger still exists that the pocket spring mattress loses its structure and collapses in itself. In addition, pocket spring mattresses are quite expensive. Instead of cutting them up, you'd better think about selling them and buying oneself that's the size you want.

Very cheap, narrow spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are not expensive. Even for less than 50 € you can find on the Internet narrow spring mattresses of the lower price range. While these are certainly not among the highest quality, they are certainly a better option for a guest bed or as a temporary solution than cutting your old spring mattress.

OttoBonnell spring mattress, »ProVita Comfort B«, F.A.N.80x190cm39€
moebel-actionMattress spring core 90 × 200 cm black90x200cm69,95€
IKEAHUSVIKA spring mattress, solid80x200cm70€
HoeffnerBonell spring mattress Vito90x200cm79€
neckermannCot Pocket Springs Mattress, »ProVita Luxury T«, F.A.N.80x190cm79,99€

* As of: May 2017

Tips & Tricks

If you buy a new mattress - even if it is "only" for your guests, it is always advisable to try them out before you buy them.

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