Is it possible to paint emulsion paint on wood?

Emulsion paints are mainly known as wall paints, they are available in large containers in the hardware store to buy. The material is viscous and can be relatively easily distributed with a large painter roller on the surface, in most cases, emulsion paints are much cheaper than paint. The multi-colored tubes to tint the white color are also readily available in the paint department, so the home improvement mixes a shade of his choice. A reasonably priced, practical and fast paint for wood, too?

For which substrates is emulsion paint suitable?

Emulsion paint holds on a surprisingly large number of surfaces, many colors are even suitable for outdoor use. You can use it to paint your garage door, decorate the concrete wall, and color the sandstone and bricks.

Dispersion paints are most frequently used to coat plaster or wallpaper, even if these surfaces have been previously painted once or even several times. Short and good:

Any surface that provides sufficient load-bearing capacity could withstand a dispersion coating. On too smooth surfaces such as glass or porcelain, this color does not hold, metal should be roughened and primed beforehand. What about wood?

Painting emulsion paint on wood: a good idea?

The painter usually uses lacquer to color a wooden surface. For this, he first waters and grinds the raw wood before priming it and then painting it. Sometimes a putty layer is needed.

If you want to make things easier and, above all, cheaper, you can definitely use emulsion paint to paint wooden surfaces. It is best to proceed the same way as stated above. However, you must expect the following disadvantages:

  • The surface is not as smooth as the paint.
  • On a strongly absorbent surface, the paint dries too quickly and peels off.
  • Roller and brush can leave scratches.
  • The grain of the wood sets with viscous paint.

Tips & Tricks

One of the great advantages of painting wood with emulsion paint is the variety of design options it offers. With wall paint you can paint wonderfully in all colors - for a completely individual creative design.

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