Canna plant, nurture and overwinter

The Canna - an exotic beauty

Canna plant, nurture and overwinter: Canna

The exotic Canna is with their colorful and dense flower spikes a true tropical beauty. The lancet-shaped leaves of the flower tube sit on tall stems.

Low canna varieties with a height of 50 to 80 cm are suitable for living rooms and conservatories. Especially popular for a Kübelhaltung is the small-sized variety Delihab, However, some Canna specimens can also be man-high and need plenty of space in the flowerbed.

The shapely and diverse Canna flowers vary in the colors of bright yellow to dark reds. Especially nice New varieties with multicolored petals.

In the following article you will learn Worth knowing about the cultivation and the specific care of the Canna.

Canna as a cut flower

In the bouquet, the Canna perfectly combined with grasses or other flowers become. Not only the colorful flowers, but also the exotic shaped, strikingly dark leaves of Canna, which make a contrast to the flowers.

Unfortunately, the colorful Canna as a cut flower not very long lasting and is therefore rarely used in flower arrangements. As an eye-catcher in wedding arrangements or as a natural table decoration at a summer party, the exotic beauty is particularly well suited. Alternatively, you can put a potted plant on the terrace or the balcony.

Canna as perennial and container plant

Canna plant, nurture and overwinter: flower

The Canna can be kept in a bucket or in the open air.

Canna can be preferred from February / March from seed or from April from the root trunks (rhizomes) in warm. After the ice saints In mid-May, the Canna can then be put outdoors or planted out. This gives them a head start over the cannabis trees planted outdoors, and they bloom much earlier. In the bed, she gets along well with one-year-old summer flowers.

The location should be, however as sunny as possible be elected. During the flowering season, the Canna is abundantly poured and supplied with liquid fertilizer on a weekly basis. To promote a long flowering period and healthy plant growth.

Cut the green leaves back in the fall, the rhizomes are dug up and embedded in peat, because the root trunks of the Canna are not hardy. During the wintering the plant is not watered.

Multiply Canna

Canna plant, nurture and overwinter: flower

New breeds can produce multicolored flowers.

The multiplication finds immediately after hibernation by dividing the rhizomes instead. Each section should have 3 to 5 eyes.

In Canna in pots or pots must paid special attention to a good water supply because the root space is limited. When the flowers are removed, the new flowers develop better.

The flower tube has in local latitudes generally no time to form seeds, because this is the Vegetation period too short due to the low winter temperatures. In warmer regions, where they can fully ripen, the black, round and very hard grains are used, among other things, for necklaces and rosaries.

Canna hibernate properly

Canna plant, nurture and overwinter: overwinter

The Canna roots are sensitive to frost and must overwinter in the interior

If the canna grows in a bucket, you do not need to dig them out in the fall, but place them in a dry, bright and cool room for the frost-free winter, together with the vessel, cutting them only a hand's breadth above the ground in the spring.

If the rhizomes are planted in the garden, they have to be taken out of the ground in autumn. After the first frosts in October, the stems and foliage are then cut off about 10 to 15 cm above the ground.

The stems are hollow - hence the German name Blumenrohr. The botanical name also refers to the hollow stems, because it comes from the Greek word "Kanna" for reed or cane. After digging, the rhizomes and the adhering soil are allowed to dry slightly. The rhizomes should not be too thoroughly freed from soil. The rhizomes can then Keep away from drafts at around 8-12ºC. They are hammered into coarse sand or placed in boxes with the garden soil still adhering.

Carefully stored, bring the cannabis plants tropical flair again next year in the garden.

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