Awning construction - different possibilities for canopies

Canopies can be designed in different sizes, shapes and with different materials. Which materials are suitable and which possibilities and construction methods are available here is revealed in detail in this article.

Design criteria for canopies

  • material
  • construction method
  • attachment



Canopies can be constructed as a simple wooden structure. The basic construction can be covered in different ways. Often you will find here a cover with classic roof tiles. Gable shapes are very common in wooden constructions.


Canopies made of glass look noble and are very resistant. In addition to combinations of glass and metal, there are also pure glass canopies.


A metal construction can also be used for the construction of the canopy. It is covered either with glass plates or with classical cover materials.

construction method

gable construction

In the gable construction, a classic gable is built, which is located on a stud. The construction is self-supporting.

flat roof

The canopy can also be made flat. Often only single metal plates or glass plates are used as a canopy.



The canopy can be built on a frame made of wood or metal. Depending on the size of the canopy and its weight, two or more outriggers are used.

wall mounting

Individual glass plates or metal plates can also be attached to the building walls from above. This can be done by appropriate metal structures or by metal wires.

Fixed installation

This type of attachment is only suitable for small canopies and is rare. The support structure for the canopy is anchored directly in the masonry.

Covering of gable constructions

If classic roof tiles are used for roofing for a gable construction, consideration must be given above all to the high weight of clay roof tiles or concrete blocks.

Roof tiles and substructure create loads of more than 50 kg per square meter, which must be safely dissipated by the construction.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of a support structure made of wood, sufficiently high wood protection must be provided to counteract the weathering of the wood.

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