A porch made of acrylic glass is a cheap solution

In the search for the right material for a canopy, apart from wood and safety glass, acrylic glass is also available. This low-priced version is in combination with constructions made of stainless steel or aluminum a visually beautiful thing.

An awning made of acrylic glass is

  • easy and fast to attach
  • stable and impact resistant
  • UV and weather resistant
  • light in weight

Various roof shapes

The designs of the manufacturers range from the arch over the pent roof to the gable roof. As in other materials different sizes are available. The colors are clear or satined acrylic glass in white, green or blue on offer.

Brown acrylic glass is also available, some of the manufacturers also offer special colors such as sea blue, turquoise, bronze or sun yellow. So there is the possibility of matching the color tone to the facade color.

Size to measure

The standard sizes range from 75 x 125 cm up to 95 x 250 cm. Different strengths are also available, usually four or six millimeters. Important is not only the structural safety, but also according to the local building code specified measure. Otherwise, a building permit is required.

At the providers, there are some cheap prices

The price for an acrylic glass canopy with stainless steel construction starts at 159, - Euro. The price varies depending on the size. The roofs are available in the version as hollow chamber or web plates.

  • vorach.holzkomplett.de has in addition to other materials and acrylic glass on offer.
  • ziegler-metall.de offers very high quality acrylic glass canopies.
  • At hellweg.de there are canopies made of polycarbonate
  • .

Tips & Tricks

Some manufacturers find so-called click systems, in which the plates are attached only by a clamp. This saves you from drilling the acrylic glass.

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