A canopy made of steel is timeless

Canopy systems are available in a wide variety of designs. A steel canopy is unobtrusive and timeless. In combination with glass, this results in an excellent alternative to the roofing of the house entrance or terrace.

The selection is great

The different variants of the canopies, which the manufacturers offer, make an individual adjustment to the facade possible. The combination of steel in conjunction with glass guarantees a long service life and freedom from maintenance.

Structures made of steel

For the construction is galvanized steel or stainless steel to choose from. Stainless steel is more durable and visually makes a good impression.

Panels made of safety glass or acrylic glass serve as a support for the roof. In the latter variant, you have the choice between different shades of clear, milky on bronze, satined to yellows and blues.

With a steel canopy, the Hausingans area becomes an eye-catcher. Clear shapes and a straightforward design are in the foreground. No matter whether new building, renovated old building or commercial object, here everyone finds the suitable one.

Varied forms

The charm of good looks often make the subtleties. You can choose steel canopies in different shapes.

A canopy made of steel is available

  • in angular design
  • in a straight line
  • as a round arch
  • in gable form

Internet providers and prices

A porch made of stainless steel with laminated safety glass in the dimensions 100 x 160 cm costs 790, - Euro, in the size 140 x 200 cm is expected to 1110, - €.

  • vorach-fabrikverkauf.de offers stainless steel canopies.
  • fink-wintergarten.de has various steel canopies in the range.
  • megaglas.de offers different variants.

Tips & Tricks

If you choose glass for the canopy made of steel, you can save yourself time-consuming cleaning. The trade offers special self-cleaning glass, the cleaning effect begins automatically in the rain.

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