A porch made of stainless steel and glass looks classy

A canopy serves as a shelter in the entrance area, can provide protection against wind and weather and provide over the terrace for an increase in the living space. Stainless steel and glass are materials that make a noble combination.

Set architectural accents

With a canopy made of stainless steel and glass, there are numerous design options that look bright and appealing. The roofs can consist of several elements and be supplemented with side panels.

The constructions are made of stainless steel, the covers made of safety glass, which is also available with texturing or colored. Forms such as round arch, gable roof or even surface with only slight incline are possible.

Additional elements such as integrated outdoor lighting or a starry sky of lights bring a unique look. Various slopes of the canopies are available.

The dimensions of the canopies vary from 80 x 140 up to a size of 130 x 230 cm. Of course, special designs are possible. The roof is attached either on the side or above the front door.

Choose a self-cleaning glass

Anyone who wants to save on the cleaning effort for the glass, minimizes the maintenance effort of his glass roof with self-cleaning glass, The self-cleaning effect is caused by rainwater and daylight.

By forming a film of water, the decomposed dirt is rinsed off, the rain is over, the disc dries off, leaving no lime rims behind.

If you do not want to spend so much on your canopy, you should look for the remainders offered by the dealers. With self-made kits can also save money. These contain the parts for the canopy and the necessary fastening material.

The prices of the providers depend on the size of the canopy.

Canopies in combination of glass and stainless steel are available from 790, - Euro, depending on size and quality expect 1,500, - to 2,500 Euro for a stainless steel glass canopy.

  • haku-shop.de has exclusive stainless steel roofs with safety glass on offer.
  • vorach-center.de offers a wide selection.
  • megaglas.de delivers very reasonably priced, simple glass-stainless steel canopies.

Tips & Tricks

The subsequent attachment of a canopy is generally subject to approval, provided that the dimensions of the local building authority are complied with. Inform yourself before installing your glass / stainless steel roof.

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