Paper a canvas on the wall or on its surface

Canvas can be wallpapered as wallpaper or wallpapered with wallpaper. In both cases, conventional wallpaper pastes or special fabric containers can be used. The linen fabric resembles a textile wallpaper and has a certain degree of elasticity. When pressing and rolling, even pressure is crucial.

Wallpaper the whole piece to the wall

When a canvas is attached to a wall instead of wallpaper, the biggest challenge is usually in the large format. The canvas picture can not and should not be cut into sheets. Nevertheless, to bring the canvas smoothly and without bumps on the wall, helps a kind of scrolling technique.

The entire canvas is fixed to the wall with a few dots of double-sided adhesive tape. It is then rolled up to one half in the vertical direction to one side. The bead then stands like a ajar carpet on the wall. To stabilize the role, a winding aid such as a broomstick without Benseil be used as a roll-up.

Paper big canvas on a wall

1. Cut the canvas to the desired size
2. Fix with glue dots (at least two glue dots per meter)
3. Roll up to one half
4. Coat the free wall evenly with glue or glue
5. Roll out the canvas and press evenly in a vertical line and spread
6. When brushing, a soft brush or a painter's quast can serve well
7. Roll up the other side of the screen and mirror it in the same way
8. Use a syringe with needle to pierce air holes and blisters and inject glue

Put wallpaper on a stretched canvas

1. Apply lightly stretched canvas (about 0.5 centimeters elasticity in the middle) to stretcher bars
2. Apply wallpaper and streak from the middle to the sides
3. Cut out the corners so that one strip stops at the side edge width
4. Lay the strips at the corners and lay the wallpaper on the pasted frame edges with your fingers and press down

Tips & Tricks

If you mix wallpaper paste, add a high amount of water, which later evaporates again. In the process, tension acts on the screen. To minimize this, you should keep the amount of water in the paste as low as possible.

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