Car jewelery for the wedding - flower decoration for the wedding car -

Glorious car jewelry for a wedding car

Car jewelery for the wedding - flower decoration for the wedding car -: flower

Decorated wedding car

The car jewelry for the wedding is very important for a sensual party. The wedding car is nicely decorated and captured with photos and videos. The most beautiful day in a person's life is the wedding - as the word implies.

Today, man or woman likes to drive with their own or one's own specially rented wedding car for this day in front of the registry office or the church.

The newlywed couple is sitting in the wedding car. And that the spouses are visibly recognizable, that will Vehicle for this special day with car jewelry Provided.

The car decoration is available in many variations. Always belongs to the Car jewelery in the form of a flag or bows for the Antenna of the wedding car and the cars of the invited guests.

The car jewelry usually consists of silk, tulle and fine fabrics. The flowers are no limits. Becoming classic car decoration red roses and white lilies with ivy forfeited and attached to the bonnet with silk ribbons or suction cups.

Flowers as a car jewelry

Car jewelery for the wedding - flower decoration for the wedding car -: wedding

Flowers as a car decoration for the wedding car (Photo: Torsten Paul)

The main role in the car jewelry on the wedding car of course plays a floral arrangement on the radiator, The flowers are no limits.

Classic car decoration but red roses and white lilies with ivy forfeited and with silk ribbons or suction cups on the bonnet attached.

The flowers for the Car jewelery are to wreaths or hearts put together and tied.

Roseballs decorate the roof of the affected wedding car. Except Roses, lilies and the green are daffodils and lilies of the valley very popular for a car jewelry at a wedding.

Important: the heavier the car jewelry, the slower it must be driven. After all, you do not want to lose the flowers on the way.

Car garlands from the florist

Some Florists expertly surround the wedding car with a flower garland as additional car decoration. Modern variants for the car decoration are from individual Lilies with glass beads as a car decoration on the hood appropriate.

The car jewelry or car decoration is meanwhile also for the silver or golden wedding at the wedding car appropriate. Just as the modern garden centers set themselves up for Mother's Day, there has recently been a car specialist for "car decoration".

Just married - as an inscription

Car jewelery for the wedding - flower decoration for the wedding car -: flower

Wedding Carriage - Just married - or again!

"Just married" is after American model in big letters on the back of a silk scarf at the rear. If there is no silk scarf, it does, however, also simple piece of soap with which you write the text on the rear window can.

The car jewelry is not limited to flowers that Florists also use glass, wire, fabrics, pearls, silk flowers and waterproof accessories, All together forms a rich variety of car decoration, as it would have been unimaginable years ago.

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