Car Interior Cleaning: Clean car seats, clean carpet and upholstery cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning: Clean car seats, clean carpet and upholstery cleaning: carpet

Car interior cleaning is almost more important than a glossy paint: Who wants to get into a miserable, dirty and used vehicle? However, before you rip out the carpets and distribute twenty scented trees in the car, we'll show you some tips that really help. So your car will be fresh from the inside again.

First, of course, the entire interior should be sucked thoroughly. Although suction stations at the gas station are practical for a quick interior cleaning, for an intensive deep care but too expensive. If you have the option, you should use your own vacuum cleaner. Also possible is the combination with both. After the car wash, the basic cleaning takes place at the powerful suction station and at home the corners and inaccessible areas are sucked with smaller nozzles.

Clean car seats

Car seats are subject to high levels of stress: they scrub on top of them, sit on them with wet or dirty clothes, and over time accumulate stains, lint and smudges - no real sales arguments.

The beginning of car seat cleaning is thorough vacuuming: choose a narrow nozzle attachment for the vacuum cleaner and go into every nook and cranny of the car seat. Persistent crumbs can be solved with a brush.

Once the seat is superficially dust-free, comes the dry cleaning.

Cleaning car seats - cloth and cover care

For the years increasingly dirty seats made of fabric, velor or Alcantara recommend special upholstery cleaner. Conventional carpet cleaners from the household are less suitable because they moisten the seats heavily and may attack the pattern or the fabric.

Simply follow the instructions on the packaging to use the cleaner; As a rule, the products must be sprayed on and then incorporated into the fiber. The conclusion then forms strong suction.

After the treatment, the seats are clean, free of odors and refreshed in the colors. At the same time, high quality products provide a slight dirt impregnation - so the car stays clean for longer.

Clean leather seats

Car Interior Cleaning: Clean car seats, clean carpet and upholstery cleaning: clean

Maintain car seats with leather care products

Leather seats not only look classy in the car, but are also sophisticated in terms of care and cleaning: Anyone who scrubs on delicate animal skin with a household cleaner destroys the structure, appearance and elasticity of the cover.

Special leather cleaners, which are usually also care products in the same operation, are plentiful - the price range is enormous. For the practice and with newer vehicles a product of the middle class suffices. In historical vehicles, or if money does not matter, it may of course be a bit more exclusive for the noble seat skin.

In any case, straight leather seats must be specially cared for in order to preserve them for a long time. Only in this way do they add value to a resale.

Clean carpet in the car

Car carpets have a hard life: Only very few people clean their feet before they board their car. Wet, road salt, mud, dirt, dust, animal hair, crumbs... all this and much more makes the carpet unsightly over the years.

A good tip: Before vacuuming, switch the car fan to the highest setting and switch all ventilation modes on once: dust is blown out of the ventilation ducts and can be sucked up with it.

Again, at the beginning of the cleaning procedure is thorough suction, preferably with a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. The fact that the floor mats previously removed from the car and knocked out separately, is a matter of course.

Then the carpet should be foamed over the entire surface with a carpet cleaner. This works, worked with a root brush, much more effective. If persistent stains, such as oil, tar, or food residues, persist, add a carpet-intensive stain remover. Then the carpet shines in new splendor - and smells freshly washed!

Eliminate odors in the car

Poor in the car? Not nice! If you get into a car smelling of cigarette smoke, dog hair and old socks, you are reluctant to buy the car. Therefore, the air must be better - a scented tree is not the first choice!

Bad air in the car can have many causes: First, it should be checked if moisture penetrates anywhere - some cars are on disc rubbers, the water box under the windscreen wipers and the ventilation / air conditioning leaking. First, eliminate any leaks that have occurred. Strong-smelling carpets (mold attack!) Must either be replaced or specially treated.

Odor control methods, used individually or in combination:

  • if the smell is damp, an open bucket of salt in the trunk helps to pretreat it: the salt binds moisture and odors.
  • then, or in case of dry stuff from the beginning, a tray of commercially available, finely ground coffee powder is placed in the cart for 24 hours. The coffee absorbs the odors and spreads a good aroma, which soon dissipates, but does not let the stuffiness return.
  • For fine treatment, the seats and the carpet should be treated with a commercially available odor spray or textile freshener (eg Febreze).

Remove mold and remove mold odor

Mold smell in the car, mostly from damp insulating materials or carpet starting, is an extremely annoying and disgusting affair. With this guide, you can remove the smell from the car carpet and insulation material.

  1. A little labor intensive, but the carpet needs to be removed. In the transitional period, troughs should protect the soil and the vehicle can continue to be used.
  2. Then spread the carpet to dry or hang it up. Direct sunlight and dry weather speed up the process. Then the carpet is sprayed with mold Ex from the building materials trade - best soaking. First check the color fastness of the carpet in an inconspicuous place (many mold removers contain chlorine compounds that have a bleaching effect).
  3. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours and test the odor. If the moldy smell has not been eliminated, the procedure can be repeated.
  4. A final treatment with textile freshener improves the effect and the carpet can be reinstalled. Leakage in the car should of course be eliminated in the meantime.

Refresh plastics and clean windows

Now that you have cleaned the textiles, the areas are in the car: First, you should remove the dust with a lint-free cloth in the cracks helps a wooden stick under the cloth. Then a special plastic cleaner should be used: Fat, nicotine and other dirt is hereby removed reliably and gently. A final treatment with cockpit spray gives the cleaning action a shiny finish - and fresh scent in the car.

The windows also require special care: In the car wash they are usually only superficially clean: exhaust and grease residues remain on the outside, nicotine and fat residues stick inside. With the well-known cleaning agent Sidol, also available in the spray bottle, the panes can be brought to a high gloss - thanks to the light emery effect and the fat-dissolving additives, they are significantly better than with conventional glass cleaners. The old trick with the newspaper should you forget - this only greases the disc. Use an old, but lint-free towel.

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