Car polish comparison 2018

Purchase advice for car polish comparison or test 2018

  • A car polish gives your vehicle more shine on the hood: dust, dirt and streaks can be easily removed. Even matt paints, which have been neglected for a while, can be breathed new life again.
  • Applying a car polish can also remove light scratches on the vehicle and hide holograms.
  • Most car owners apply their car polish by hand, but even with a machine is possible. High-quality products are already under 10 euros to buy.

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

For some people their car is more than just a commodity. It is a favorite piece that requires a lot of attention and care, Hardly a surprise that in 2016 a turnover of 251 million euros was made with car care products.

Reason enough to take a closer look at the issue of car polish. Which is the best car polish for your favorite vehicle? Is a hand polish better than a polish with the machine? In our car polish comparison 2018 we show you what the topic is about and what you should pay attention to when buying, In addition, we present you the most popular and effective products on the market as well as our car polish winner.

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1. The car polish as a highlight of car care

Car polish comparison 2018: comparison

Receives the new car gloss: The regular use of a car polish.

Whether new or rusty arbor: Constant environmental and weather influences such as rain, snow and hail damage your car's paint, Especially with a newly purchased car, paint damage is annoying. Just the own Flitzer radiated still in full beauty, already from its Neuwagenglanz nothing more to see. Even stubborn sunlight will permanently attack paint and varnish. The result: Faded colors and a gray haze laying over the car.

Both for repair and to prevent color loss, small cracks and scratches so-called car polishes are, These contain small abrasive particles that remove the upper layer of paint - and thus the dirt - of the car and expose a new layer underneath. The original shine of the car is restored, which improves the overall appearance. In addition, the surface is sealed, which means that new dirt can not easily stick to the paint.

Car polish comparison 2018: comparison

Good to know:Car polishes work after that Principle of the lotus effect: This ensures a low wettability of the surface, whereby water and other liquids roll off and at the same time remove dirt particles on the surface (beading effect).

Below we have the Advantages and disadvantages of a car polish recorded for you:

  • Removes dirt, streaks and dust
  • seals slight scratches in the paint
  • protects against corrosion and color loss
  • easy in the application
  • relatively inexpensive to purchase
  • Some products may rub off on rubber or plastic

2. From Shampoo to Wax: Other Car Care Types

Car Care Typedescription
car shampoo

Car polish comparison 2018: comparison

  • suitable for the superficial cleaning of dirt (eg dust and bee pollen)
  • Application: with plenty of water before polishing
car wax

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

  • Car wax covers paint pores and ensures a smooth surface
  • also has nourishing properties
  • Also available as a universal product of car wax and polish
Paint grinding paste

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

  • aggressive form of cleaning
  • Removes even stubborn dirt
cleaning clay

Car polish comparison 2018: comparison

  • gentle form of cleaning
  • only suitable for small soiling
  • contains no ingredients that could damage the paint

3. Kaufberatung: You should pay attention to this when buying a car polish!

Car polish test at the Stiftung Warentest?

Although checks the Stiftung Warentest regular products on function and manufacturer promise, yet it still has no car polish test carried out. However, the automobile magazine has found it good Car picture many products, In the price-performance ratio, for example, the brand has done particularly well Meguiar's.

With our guide we would like to help you to find your personal car polish test winner. When buying, you should therefore pay attention to some basic aspects.

3.1. Multifunctional use: the areas of application of car polish

As already mentioned, most polishes not exclusively for gloss enhancement thought. Even dirt such as rust, fly debris or other over months and years forgotten residues on the car can be removed. Some products contain carnauba wax. This ensures long-lasting protection and prevention of new damage.

The cleaning of the rims, however, requires a different polish, the so-called rim polish.

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

Tip: Car polish can not only be used for four-wheeled passenger cars. Thus, the gloss enhancer is among othersalso for boats, planes, caravans and other painted surfaces in industry and household.

3.2. Hand or machine: which is better?

Car polish comparison 2018: polish

Facilitates polishing: The job with a special polishing machine.

Basically, you have the choice between one Order by hand or with a special polishing machine, Some products that are also represented in our car polish comparison (eg Sonax, Dr. Wack) are ideal for the order by hand. Specially made for it Polishing cloths can facilitate the manual work, but in most cases are not quite cheap.

Ultimately it does not matter what kind of job you choose, the protection for the car is given in both cases. If you still want to save some time, go to the polishing machine.

3.3. Universal or special polish? - The color makes it

Almost all products on the market are suitable for all paint colors. It does not matter if your car is white, red or black: Car polish is universally applicable for every color.

If you have a black car, you can still go with the paint finish special, dark colored polish help on the jumps. Especially striking scratches or scratches can be concealed even better. You get this special category of polish, for example, in the form of paint pens. When applying, make sure that the headlights and rims are taped to prevent unsightly discoloration.

4. Any questions? - Here you find the answers

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

4.1. How is car polish applied correctly?

So that you do not make any mistakes during hand polishing - be it by car or motorcycle - we have listed the individual steps below. When car polish so you should...

  1. wash the car first, so that the coarsest dirt ever disappears.
  2. shake the bottle before useso that the ingredients can mix sufficiently.
  3. put some polish on a sponge, This should first be moistened with water, so that the polish can be better distributed.
  4. to work in the polish. To do this, apply the car polish with circular movements and under even pressure on the areas to be worked on. It's best to start with the roof, then systematically work your way down.
  5. the polish let dry.
  6. polish, Take a clean polishing cloth to hand.
  7. wash out the sponge, So he is directly ready for the next polish treatment.

Car polish comparison 2018: 2018

Good to know: The first coat of car polish can be applied with a sponge. For fine sanding and polishing, it is best to use a microfibre cloth.

4.2. How long does a car polish last?

Like other liquids already opened, car polishes can also become dry or bad. Depending on how often you polish, a car polish can be hold for up to two years, Nevertheless: Pay attention to the expiry date of the product indicated on the packaging.

4.3. When should I polish?

Car polish comparison 2018: polish

In winter, your car is at particular risk: snow, mud and salt scraps scratch the paint.

Basically, you should treat your car about twice a year with car polish. The longevity of the polish effect is nevertheless dependent on the respective environmental influencesthe car is exposed. Especially in winter mud, snow and road salt endanger the paint - here a car polish can be needed faster again.

We recommend a car polish both before summer and before winter perform. So you have an optimally protected paint in the hot and cold seasons.

If you are still unsure about paint care, have a so-called conditioner (eg in a workshop) do the car polish.

4.4. Can I also use my car polish for the household?

Like so many other products, you can also do that Convert car polish for other purposes, For example, you can clean your washing taps with such a polish and bring them to fruition. For sensitive materials such as plastic or rubber, however, you should be careful and read again in the manual, if the polish is suitable here.

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