Car toolset

Car toolset: breakdown

In every household you will find a selection of tools that will be used in the home and garden area. But what about when special work on the car or pending on the road tool is needed in a breakdown?

We have for you most important tools and additional breakdown helpers summarized in the following categories.

In the individual categories you will find more detailed explanations of the respective tools.

The right tool combination

The mentioned tools and utensils are a selection that you can of course customize. Some are enough Wheel nut wrench for tire change, as well as some breakdown utensils, others prefer to be prepared in any case and carry a complete set of tools in the car. Thus, it is up to you whether you own a tool bag yourself, or buy a set together. The latter, however, is so compact in most cases that complements are difficult to realize.

The ratchet / ratchet

Car toolset: which

Ratchet box with attachments

On the vehicle can be found numerous screw connections, which must be solved when working on the vehicle. Ideally suited for a ratchet / ratchet with integrated pawl, which makes it possible to loosen screw easily and without settling the tool.

In connection with this, a manageable assortment of attachments makes sense, as well as an extension to comfortably reach even hidden screws.

Screwdriver with bit set

Car toolset: tools

Screwdriver with matching inserts

A screwdriver belongs in every tool set, however one should pay attention to the car as space-saving tools as possible.

With a screwdriver Compatible with bit attachments, they will easily solve any slotted, Phillips or Torx screw!

Again, we recommend an extension for hard-to-reach screws.

Hexagon angle wrench

Car toolset: which

Angle wrench set

The hexagon key, also colloquially known as "Allen key"is needed to solve frequently used hexagon socket screws and is a constant companion when working inside or outside the vehicle.

Pliers and side cutters

Car toolset: breakdown

Universally applicable: The combination pliers

Another important tool in their equipment should be pliers. This is recommended universal combination pliers, with which you can carry out various work.

For the electronics sector, a flat-nose pliers offer, for. To reach difficult to reach lines, as well as a side cutter, which can also be used universally for cutting and cutting.

Fork wrench / ring spanner

Fork and ring spanner are tools for loosening bolts and nuts. Where the open-end wrench is open and has two key surfaces parallel to each other. This feature is beneficial when the workstation is insufficient to make a complete turn and you need to remove the key more often.

The ring spanner is with a ring-shaped hexagon or double hexagon provided, which ensures a better power transmission and to prevent slipping on the screw head.

Optionally, there are combinations of fork and ring spanner, as well as ergonomically angled (cranked) keys, with which the work should be facilitated.

This tool is used especially when higher torques have to be applied.

Car toolset: tool

Wrench set

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